Healing & Mentoring 

& Personal Retreats

Soul Companionship

Soul Healing Transmission & Companionship Mentoring

The soul healing and mentoring I offer is a unique journey we undertake together into soul intimacy. This intimacy begins with your own self and soul, spreads into your body, and then out into the world. Each session is unique and reflects the need of your soul in that moment.

This is a sacred relationship we enter into, one that brings richness and a return to Life.


Even though this is not talk therapy you will be held in the tender embrace of the Mother, allowing all to arise as needed. The deep Feminine wound, Ancestral and Family Healing, Grief, A sense of Belonging, Confidence and Authenticity of Self, are some of the things that can come forth. Meditations, prayer, readings, and chants may be given along with practical applications in life.

Preference is given for a 6-12 month commitment

However single sessions may be arranged

Please see below for contact and fees.

“He has prepared us for this. He is calling upon us to become fully human ~ Gospel of Mary Magdalene”
“As a mentor, Meghan is truly a master – combining deep mystical knowledge and experience with warmth and a joyful, playful sense of humor that can open doors to transformation and new dimensions for you if you are willing and committed. She offers all from her embodied wisdom.”  
~ sara, artist
Once per month for one hour
Fee: Sliding Scale According to Financial Ability
US$150 - $175 per hour
Special Covid Fee: US$125 per hour
Commitment: 6-12 months or single sessions by arrangement
Please Note: Residents of Australia and New Zealand may pay a sliding scale of AUD$150-$175 and NZD$150-$175 per hour
Your Own Personal Retreat
In-Person or Virtual
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Prayer ~ Meditation ~ Communion with Nature ~ Support ~ Laughter 

We all need to take time out from our normal daily lives to reach deeper within, to reorient our direction, or to honor a transition. A personal retreat is a special time that can take us very deeply into what our need is in the present time, with a complete focus on our inner life.


Having a guide during these times can be most beneficial, someone who supports where you are and where you are going, someone who is able to point to areas of soul that you may not be seeing, helping to open doorways to those longed for places deep within.


A personal retreat is a gift to your soul. In our world we are not skilled in receiving, so in this way a personal retreat also teaches us how to receive fully in the Spirit, for only then can we walk in the world giving what we are here to give.


The retreat is tailored according to the needs of each individual, ranging from 3-5 days. Through prayer and discussion prior to your retreat we will hold a specific intention or theme for the retreat.

Virtual Retreat: Due to the circumstances we are living in I am now offering 3-Day Virtual Personal Retreats. See info below

A general daily rhythm is as below:

  • Early morning free for own personal meditation and yoga or qigong

  • Meet with Meghan in morning for soul explorations

  • Afternoon free to walk in nature, integrate morning session, and nap

  • Evening Session & Meditation

  • Special attention is given to practical application of the retreat revelations

  • A soul–ritual created, sealing in the blessings received, and equipping you for returning to your life in the world 

  • A Daily Excursion may also be planned, depending on soul needs

“My personal retreat with Meghan was a river of deep grace, which has continued to flow through my life today. I am deeply grateful for this time of opening to my true nature, and experiencing that sacred soul contentment that comes from knowing my rightful place in our universe.”
- Linda Cook, CA
Virtual Personal 3-Day Retreat

We will design a retreat that is perfect for you, which will include meditation, prayer and reflection; sacred readings and journaling; and may include slow, ambling walks, long baths, sacred dance, yoga/Gigong, creative art expression - depending on your needs and preferences.

DAY 1:  We will meet for 60 minutes to open your retreat, refine your intention, meditate and pray together. Recorded Meditations, Journal practices, contemplations, and readings will be given, or use your own text.

Evening: Recorded Meditation

DAY 2: Morning: Recorded Meditation

We will meet for 90 minutes to deepen your retreat contemplations and to be with what is arising in your heart and meditations.

Evening: Recorded Meditation

DAY 3: Morning: Recorded Meditation

We will meet for 90 minutes to be with your queries, gather your retreat blessings, and draw them into a personal ritual/prayer to help with integrating into your everyday life.

Evening: Recorded Meditation

If you are interested in booking your Sacred Retreat or if you have any questions please email: