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May 2022
Returning to the Magic of the Earth
South West Ireland
To Come: 2022
Women in Glendalough
Experience the magic of the Glendalough Valley, Lakes, & Ancient Trees
Resurrecting the Feminine Energy of Old and Joining with our own energy to walk into the future
Visit St. Brigid's Well in Kildare

Photo Credit: Emma McArdle Photography

2021: Private Retreat with Meghan in Ireland

Please email to enquire

Join Meghan

 Ireland Pilgrimage 2022
An Intimate Experience
A Personal Retreat with Meghan creating your own personal rhythm
Come alone or with friends

Where We Stay

We will have exclusive use of the Anam Cara Retreat Center on the Beara Peninsula. Beara is a rural and hauntingly beautiful part of Ireland that is the integral part of the Wild Atlantic Way. The retreat sits on a hill overlooking Coulagh Bay, the mountains of the Ring of Kerry, and the Slieve Mishkish Mountains. The wonderful colorful village of Eyeries is a short walk away.

What Anam Cara Offers


Local Village

~ Sod-Earth Meditation Hut
~ Labyrinth
~ Five acres of gardens and meadows
~ Situated on the riverbank of the Kealincha River with cascades
~ A river island
~ Hazelnut Groves
~ 34 nooks and crannies with views
~ Sauna & Hot Tub

Enjoy becoming “rooted” into your pilgrimage experience and “rooted” into the land and the sea by staying in one place.


View from Anam Cara Retreat

Sacred Excursions

Most excursions are a 15 minute drive away. One excursion is 45 minutes. So less travel time and more time on the land.

~ Wild Atlantic Way Coastal Walk
~ Ballycrovane Ogham Standing Stone (the largest Ogham Stone in the whole of Europe)

~ Story Telling with local story teller
~ Ancient Memory Standing Stone
~ Sacred Ceremony at local Stone Circle
~ The Crone of Beara - the most ancient Celtic mythological being who Orders Life and Death
~ Ancient Wedge Grave

~ Experience a Stone & Shell Reading with local wise woman and oracle


Approximate Daily Schedule

~ Morning Meditation 

~ Qi-Gong and Healing Sounds

~ Breakfast

~ Morning Teaching

~ Sacred Excursion

~ Late Lunch

~ Afternoon free to write and journal, sketch, sit and look at the views, read, nap, walk

~ Gather to share our daily explorations

~ Dinner

~ Night Meditation

An extra night excursion for traditional Irish music/story-telling likely.

*Please Note: This schedule will shift slightly for our longer excursion, and for the weather. We may also have a day of simply 'being' at Anam Cara. Flexibility required to flow in the moment. 

Exact dates to be advised    
“Belonging” will be part of our exploration.

So many of us feel we do not belong here on Earth, or have somehow lost our innate connection. In reaching deeply into the mystical land of Ireland and the “aliveness” of the spirit of the land we open the portal to our own connection and “alive” nature.
We will explore what it means to return to our Earth Roots, to our Humanity, to the Elements of the Earth and our own elemental bodies. With our current world situation this is the time when we need to feel deeply rooted, so as not to get knocked off balance. To be fully rooted we need to feel we fully belong.

We will use Celtic poetic texts, the Druidic connection to the trees, and the Feminine Understanding of the Great Mother and Crone as the Body of the Land, and as our own bodies.

"To belong means to be fully here. To be fully here means to accept every single aspect of your beautiful human vulnerability. In this acceptance by one's own self, comes the natural acceptance by others, and then before we know it our sense of belonging is wondrously born. We each have the right to this birth, to this belonging, right here, and now, on Earth." - Meghan Don
*We will allow the wild beauty of the Beara Peninsula to draw us back into our bodies and physical lives, where the call of belonging is strongly crying out to us to return.
6 NIGHTS/7 DAYS      
In Life there is Death and in Death there is Life.

Our explorations take us into the Celtic Wisdom of Living and Dying, the mystic death of the moment, and what is being asked of us to come fully into our lives here and now.
The land herself is one of our greatest teachers in living and dying. With our excursions we will allow the land to become our teacher.

We will also open to the Crone of Beara herself, the most ancient of ancients - she who is known as ordering the very process of Life and Death. We will use the writings of Celtic poets, and Druidic and Christian mystic wisdom texts to inspire our contemplations.

“Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.”
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep attributed to Druid poem
*Please Note: There will be a special excursion to a world-renowned local Buddhist center where we will enter into a special meditation to enhance our pilgrimage experience.
We have recognized a need for a 3-tier payment.
That is, you pay according to your financial ability
Single Room Accommodation:  
Tier 1: $2690
Tier 2: $2190 (Scholarship Rate by Application)
Deposit of $990 due: At time of booking
Balance due: 1 month prior to retreat
You will be placed on list and have first opportunity to attend 
If you need extended time for payment please let us know.
Please Continue Reading for Full Details
Registration Information

What is Included

~ Very Comfortable Single Room with views
~ All meals
~ Transport for all excursions
~ Retreat Fee
~ Exclusive use of Anam Cara
~ Sauna and Hot Tub and all facilities at Anam Cara
~ Intimate Experience of only 8 people


Your Responsibility

~ Airline ticket to Ireland
~ Travel Insurance (required)
~ Payment for travel to and from Retreat Center (We will pick you up and drop you off. See Travel Suggestions below)
~ Overnight hotel accommodation (see Travel Suggestions below)
~ Extra personal snacks and drinks, or extra personal activities

~ Payment for Stone & Shell Reading with local wise woman and oracle  (25 Euro)
~ Please Note: All Payments are Non-Refundable including deposits, which is why full travel insurance is required. We understand “Life Happens” and we want to make sure you are fully covered. 

Our Travel Suggestions

~ Fly into Dublin or Cork, Ireland the day before the retreat to settle from your travels and get over jet lag.

Further suggestions and details to come


Please note:

There are 4 single rooms available at Anam Cara. Two with their own bathroom, the other two sharing a bathroom. These will be given on a first come first serve basis. THESE  ROOMS ARE NOW FULLY  BOOKED FOR MAY PILGRIMAGE


Both single and double rooms, with own bathroom, are provided at a local B&B within a 10 minute picturesque walk from Anam Cara. You will be transported to and fro upon request, though the walk is lovely!
You have full use of Anam Cara facilities and may spend as much time there as you desire (most only go to B&B to sleep).

Your Guide:

Rev. Meghan Don

Rev. Meghan Don is of Celtic ancestry and Ireland is where her soul and body feels most at home. In fact it was the first place that she felt at home on this Earth. Meghan delights in sharing the mystical land and sea and the Celtic wisdom with those who are called. 

Meghan has been described as “THE VOICE when it comes to how we as humans can integrate the feminine in our lives,” and her work “leads us into our true nature where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world.” Meghan is an Evolutionary Mystic, Award-Winning Author, Founder of The Sanctuary of Sophia, a Feminine Mentor, and Death & Dying Guide. Her work incorporates mystical prayer and meditation, sacred chant and dance, Jungian wisdom, and Tree of Life mysteries, bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary and accessible form. Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, and Interfaith Training Institutes. 

Meghan Don 2015-07-03 004 (009).jpg

Her books are:

~ Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred (winner of Best Book & Author Award, 2006) 

~ Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi

~ The New Divine Feminine: Spiritual Evolution for a Woman’s Soul

Meghan is currently working on a new book on Death and Dying.

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