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Contemplating Lilith on the Road

“One of the earliest references to Lilith is in Sumerian mythology (ca.2000 BCE), where it is said in the days of creation she built her house in a willow tree on the bank of the Euphrates, with a dragon nesting in the base of the tree and a zu-bird (a god-like bird) at the crown of the tree.”

The New Divine Feminine, Meghan Don

Through the ages the dragon has represented the very life-force of creation, that could be used for good or ill depending upon our will. Is our will in service to the Good of All, or is it in service to self? Another way of saying this is, “Who does the Grail serve?” The dragon, correspondingly, in its positive aspect has also been known as the Guardian of the Treasure, or the inner wisdom.

There also came a time when the dragon was synonymously spoken of as the serpent, and was understood in the light of the kundalini energy or the “serpent coiled at the base of the spine,” waiting to awaken into the great life-force that it is. This is in direct reference to the quote above, “a dragon nesting in the base of the tree,” and the zu-bird, at the crown. The former representing the feminine, and the latter, the masculine energies.

Recently while walking I came across a black snake coiled right by the side of the road. There was no movement at all. I felt the life-force of this snake was very, very weak, but still present. It may have been run over as there was a small part of its body and the tip of its tail dented. I began to pray that it would return to the perfection and fulfillment of its true snake wisdom nature (I was not asking for a return to this life, but rather helping to move it into the other realms of life). I perceived an energy force around its body and as I ended my prayer that energy departed.

I chose to leave the snake where it lay, saying I would return the next day, and bring it to my house for a burial. When I returned it was exactly as I had left it. I took it with me to my house and found the perfect tree right by the bank of the river. I coiled it at the base of the tree thanking it for its medicine and pure wisdom nature, and ceremoniously covered it with leaves. And as I did I prayed that all the lies and deceptions and misinterpretations about Lilith and the dark wisdom nature of the feminine would also be buried, allowing for the true wisdom to be seen, acknowledged, honored, and lived, by both women and men.

May you live into the truth of your dark wisdom nature, freeing the Lilith within and your own life-force of creation, for the Good of All!

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