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Further and further inside

She is a muscle of love, this Mary. I feel her in unexpected moments, her Assumption into heaven happening in places inside me. She suddenly rises, and when she does, she does not go up, up into the sky, but further and further inside me… She goes into all the holes life has gouged out of us.

~ from The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd


Breathing into your mother-ground and feeling a peacefulness of soul, draw yourself into your heart and breathe, feeling a natural expansion of your heart with every breath. See or sense a blue flame in your heart and let it gently burn. Invite the presence of the mother to be with you and simply be with the flame and your breath…. Whatever you experience, simply the joy of willingly releasing, of willingly transforming.

~ from The New Divine Feminine, Meghan Don, p 126


Online: Birthing Your Christ Essence with Mary Magdalene

December 4 & 18

JOIN LIVE OR RECEIVE RECORDING - Online: Dec.4th and 18th Prepare for this time of birthing your own Christ light, of being and action, into and through the darkness with Mary Magdalene as our guide.

Online: The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: 21 Aspects of Sophia

Feb - April 2020

Beginning Feb. 4th. A 3 Month Module: First & Third Tuesday of the month - Join Online or Receive Recording : Ignite and Embody the 21 Aspects of Wisdom through body focused meditations. One Aspect studied each month for in-depth contemplation.

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