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Ireland Solstice Blessings

Sacred Solstice Blessings Everyone! A short note to send the Light of Ireland your way. As we are in the Eclipse season and coming to the Solar Eclipse, it can often be a time of deep feeling, a very emotional time, and of course, quite literally the shadow of our souls being mirrored in the outer cosmic and collective unfolding. Some days tears just pour from our souls and hearts. Sometimes they are tears of sadness, sometimes they are of joy, and sometimes they are just tears flowing from a soul living here on Earth. The image above is my beloved farmer neighbor, nearly 80 years old and out every day tending to his sheep and cows. We have some wonderful laughter and also some sweet heart conversations. Tune in to listen... If you haven't already, you may also want to learn of the surprising Energy of the Seagull, the Magic of the Ordinary, and the Irish God of the Sea. Quite an adventure to meet him! And reflections on how we can get caught up in an internet and information frenzy; Shaman wisdom and restoring our soul and body into its full and unified presence: Subscribe to Podcast: Please subscribe to the Podcast if you would like to receive each new Podcast. And remember to turn on your Notifications. I subscribed to an astrological channel, and wondered why I never got anything. Oh, I had not turned on the Notifications, and oh, when I clicked on Subscriptions on my Youtube page there were all the videos that had been sent. Many of you are probably well aware of this, but for those few who are a little behind the technological times like myself, I offer this pearl of wisdom. :-) Subscribe Here: Summer Break I will be traveling north to Sligo next month, staying in a hermitage cabin at a small spiritual community, visiting the plethora of sacred sites in the area, including many passage tombs, and the cairn of Queen Maeve, the great ruler of Connacht. I will be taking some time out from mentoring and teaching, but for those who wish to come into some personal reflective time I would invite you to look at the Online Self-Study offerings I have now available. I have reduced the prices to make them accessible during these times. Some of the offerings are below. Self Study Online Coming Into Your Steadfast Nature: The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine: More offerings here: Summer Blessings May you all find some special time of a relaxed heart and lightness of spirit over this summer. With all that is erupting in our world, this can be difficult, but it is essential in order to continue our journey in strength and love. May joy sneak out of you in the most surprising of ways, and may laughter sneak in, catching you unaware, and causing a great belly laugh to break out all over your life. Sending The Light Hearted Spirit of the Irish Way Meghan

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