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New Pathways Birthing

I recently had the great honor of teaching two retreats here in upstate New York at The Holy Cross Monastery. I want to thank all the souls (and bodies) who participated as we ventured deeper day by day into the mysteries awaiting us.

The first retreat was Initiating the 21 Aspects of Wisdom-Sophia. These Aspects came alive for us, as we felt their potentiality and reality in our bodies. This began the birthing process of a whole new Pathway. I will speak more about this in the next month or two. Meanwhile, take a sneak preview here:

We also undertook vows to Sophia in a deeply powerful and moving ceremony on sacred land at the 7 waterfalls in the Catskills. These vows are very empowering and are now slowly seeping into our bones of everyday living. Please remember vows are aspirations to lead us gently into a greater commitment to our true nature, and they become encouraging reminders when we may not be honoring them to the best of our ability. For those interested see here:

The second retreat was inspired by a powerful painting of Mary Magdalene (see above image), and as we found out, having the original painting in our midst brought forth some miraculous images of light, with Yeshua making a guest appearance! See below image. This photo has not been altered in any way, was taken as a color photo, and not as black and white.

As the light moved and caressed the painting, the tomb, and Magdalene herself, our senses opened to greater possibilities of the ever moving and flowing light right before us and within us.

We also ventured into the darkness of the tomb with Magdalene, and literally into the crypt of the Monastery in the mornings and evening. There was much alchemical transformation that occurred in the darkness and deep silence, each one experiencing as our souls needed.

We explored anointing, ritual, soul writing, chanting, and dancing, all opening the way for an intimacy with Magdalene. We each discovered the name that we were to individually call her. As we know she is known by various names - Mary, Magdalena, Miriam, Holy Bride, Tower of the Flock to name a few - and we then opened to her calling us by a name that brought forth our deeper level of soul. This was so sacredly intimate. The naming.

When we can name something in our lives, there is a deepening intimacy that goes with that. There is a heart opening. Through naming we call another or a specific energy to us. When we can name something it means there is clarity. When we can name something it comes into being and into creation. And that coming into creation is unique for each of us. The creative energy of our name and the name of another come together to create something wholly other.

Just like the lives and names of Yeshua and Magdalene. What did they call each other in their deepest intimate moments? We know from the canonical gospels that he called her name when she was weeping in the tomb, and through that calling her eyes were opened to perceive his resurrected presence. That is, her own name, spoken in wakefulness, awakened her. How may our name awaken us?

Our experience in this retreat is that the name Magdalene called us awakened us to perceive another Reality, one that is right here, with the ever so slightest shift of perception, seeing from a wholeness that lives deep within. We all marveled at how simple this slight shift was.

It also has given me pause to consider our Judaic-Christian creation myth, and the grand misinterpretation that naming is equivalent to power over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, there is the recognition of the deepest interconnection, a sense of intimate knowing of that being, a realization that each provides an entry into wisdom. There is a spiritual and moral understanding of Guardianship for each other. We have shamanic and Earth wisdom in our tradition, but it has been distorted and erased by wrongful power. May we return. The energy of Wisdom-Sophia, The Black Madonna and Magdalene help us to restore this, for their ways are Manifold (1 of the Aspects of Wisdom).

I feel a wondrous energy created through these retreats, both of them merging to create an ever deeper pathway. You will see some slight variations to the names of the online offerings - same class - but now with the added dimension of the direct wisdom of Magdalene expanding the perimeters of our journey. Each class opens the way for the next, so even though they are separate there is a natural continuity. The 3 short classes this year are invitations to explore. In the New Year we take on a longer commitment to find and enter the Steadfast and Unhindered nature of our being (Steadfast and Unhindered are 2 of the Aspects of Wisdom).

Preparing the way we begin with:

Oct. 7,14, 21: Mary Magdalene As The Black Madonna.

Learn of the mysteries of the Black Madonna as Guardian, Restorer of Justice, Healer of Humanity, and how Magdalene becomes those very energies. She invites us to know the same within our own being, for the benefit of all beings. See here for more info & video intro:

Nov. 6, 20: Dying & Resurrecting with Mary Magdalene

“Let me show you how to die, and how to resurrect.” And so Magdalene invites us into befriending our death and ultimately our life! This is an Introductory Course only. It prepares the way for the next course in December. For more info:

Dec. 4, 18: Birthing Into the Christ Essence with Mary Magdalene

The sacred season of preparing in the darkness for the birth of the light. Our world is in darkness and is needing the light birthed in all possible ways. Mary Magdalene embodied this Christ light. Now she guides us to know the same. For more info:


Do you yearn for a spiritual companion to share the transparency of your heart and soul? To help guide you into your own sacred self? Or someone to help keep you accountable on your soul journey?

Please email: RevMeghan@MeghanDon.Life for more info.

Happy New Dark Moon Everyone

May the seeds of your sacred desires be planted wisely


PS. I have been taking time out to write, but will be starting videos again soon!

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