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Prophetess Miriam

One of the blessings of our last Call was to hear the untold stories of my sisters. These stories told of new awakenings, transformation, birthing, and waiting for seeds planted in fertile ground to emerge. All these stories in and behind the heart revealed the elegance of each holy soul. “A natural elegance that speaks my name and calls my own beauty forth”. (NDF,p.151)

Prophetess Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, whose feast we celebrate today fully embodied this elegance. Together with Moses and Aaron she led the Israelites out of slavery into the freedom of the Promised Land. Miriam gathered the women who sang, danced and chanted, praising the Holy One . Through the power of the Shekinah, they raised the vibration for Moses to part the waters of the Red Sea. When the vibration was in its fullness, Miriam instructed Moses to raise his staff. The Sea parted and those who were willing to leave behind

their old ways walked through this portal of freedom that was being offered to them. This month as we deepen into the Interior Heart Star, Prophetess Miriam embodies for us the alignment of the masculine focus and action with the receptivity of her feminine nature. Her natural elegance poured forth from her grounded Self. She was fully present, fully aware, fully alive on this earth. She knew her rightful power and rightful place. From the knowledge and wisdom arising from her holy soul, she knew when to speak and when to act.She used the

strength of her voice to prophesy, and challenged the authority of her father demanding that he remarry her mother. She knew what was needed in the moment opening the wells in the desert bringing forth water for a thirsty people. When she was placed outside the camp for one week, as a leader taking on the physical and spiritual illness of the Isrealites, she entered into prayer and received Yahweh’s direct healing of her leprosy. My recent private retreat with Meghan took the form of practicality and presence in daily living. Many doors were opened and continue to open. I have called upon Prophetess Miriam to help me part the Red Sea in my own life and walk forward into new ways of being. One of the practices I began on retreat was to consciously open to the grace that was being given in the moment. This practice has helped me attune my heart, mind, soul and body to the grace that is constantly flowing in times of challenging situations, in times of joy, when I am alone, or when two or three are gathered. As I am aware of such grace and beauty entering and emerging in my life in the form of wisdom, clarity and guidance, my heart expands in gratitude and trust of the Mother’s natural abundance, and I am able to taste the elegance of my holy soul. A practice given to me by Meghan after retreat is helping me to open the door of my willingness. It is simply this: “I am willing to show up. I am willing to receive. Show me the way/Way.” May I be fully awake, fully alive and fully present on this earth. This night of the full moon may we sing, dance and chant with Prophetess Miriam. May we

gather with the women, gather in the women and bring them home. May we and all beings know the elegance of our holy souls. May we and all beings leave behind the old and with hearts of goodness open the way for ourselves and others into the freedom of the Promised Land. ~ Linda Cook

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