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Seal Pups & Our Inter-Dimensional Nature


Recently while walking on the beach I came across a seal pup. With dogs roaming freely I quickly became this little one's guardian as it slept in the sun. There was no mother seal to defend or protect. I patrolled the beach in my full Crone-ness requesting for dog's to be leashed and walked far away from the pup. Most happily obliged. A couple of males did not like their territory to be invaded with this request. I stood my guardian-ground and directed them to walk away from the shore. They complied. On this day, I uncustomarily had my phone with me. I called the local vet who told me it was illegal for them to touch an animal of the wild. She told me to create a circle around the pup with tape or something other so that dog owners would hopefully see it and not venture there. I used shells towards the shore (so the pup could easily return to the sea) and driftwood towards the dunes. With the help of a local animal rescue volunteer, I was connected to the Department of Conversation who told me they could not do anything unless the pup was in distress. They told me of the symptoms of a distressed seal and none were present - except the absence of the mother. They felt to leave it alone. I continued to stand guard against the dogs. After 2 hours I needed to leave for an appointment. I prayed for its seal whanau (family) to watch over it from the seas, for the Sea herself to watch over this little one. St.Francis and Sophia were also included to take care. With an intrepid heart I left. 3 hours later I returned. The pup was gone, the circle of protection no longer a circle. The tide was coming in. I prayed and hoped that this little one had slipped back into the ocean after a good nap. That night I dreamed of a seal skin lying on the shore at the very place the pup lay. I slipped into the skin and into the sea. I grew and grew into a large seal and began swimming. I felt a nudge on my belly. I looked down and there was the little pup swimming with me and looking up with those big black eyes full of love. We continued swimming and playing together. I am ever grateful for the beauty and ability of our souls to commune with all beings in all dimensions. And, yes, I am a selkie.

OUR CREATIVE WILDNESS Our world is in its destructive nature of wildness. How do we restore it to its creative wildness? Listen to previous post for my reflections and poetry Also on all Podcast platforms

IRELAND PILGRIMAGE JUNE 2024 ~ ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT If you would like to journey in-person to Ireland next Summer Solstice, June 15-23, 2024 and experience all kinds of magical delights click here ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT An Ireland Pilgrim's Thoughts:

'Some years ago I participated in a pilgrimage in Ireland led by Meghan. It was an inspiring and transformative experience. Meghan’s deep connection to the Divine and to the Goddess enables her to create a truly magnificent environment for a heavenly experience, deeply metaphysical, while at the same time deeply grounded in Mother Earth.

Her authenticity, approachability, and loving nature enabled me and our entire group to bond, and to experience many deeply spiritual experiences, healing and renewal. Additionally, her familiarity with Ireland and her people, enables her to provide an experience where you feel like a native and not like a tourist. I treasure my memories and the beautiful experiences we shared on our sacred journey.’ Oh, how lovely to receive this. I, too treasure the many memories of the pilgrimages I have led, and the depth of experiences we shared together. Precious times.

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