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Sophia-Gaia Womb

Drawn into the darkness of not knowing The small light within knows only this - She has to lead the way I follow The opening appears Sophia-Gaia greets me in the depth of her womb She envelops me in her breath Long, rhythmic, powerful Almost too powerful I press my body against hers Her strong pulse steadies me My breath slows It falls into my feet She is grounding me into her Through her Everything else thrown into the sea The cave fills with light Her alchemy is complete The cauldron, used to stir my insides disappears It is time to celebrate! - Meghan Don
Ever since I was a teenager wandering upon this Earth, the magical possibilities of life opened to me when I had no plans, no desires, just being in the moment of life. As I matured and grew into my mystic being of clarity I have watched thoughts and desires land firmly within my body and come to be. Now I enjoy both inner plans and desires, and none at all. The true key of success is to hold all outcomes in a neutral lightness, to walk happily in the unknown. This above poem was inspired by an experience of Walking Into the Unknown, right into Sophia-Gaia herself. I love how our Beloved Mother reveals herself in plain sight. Hidden one moment, a whole new vision given the next. This would happen frequently in Ireland too. One minute gazing out a window over the fields, the next seeing a mighty standing stone pulsating with light calling me to visit. Opening in clarity elicits all kinds of wondrous adventures. If you would like to listen to the journey into trusting and Walking into the Unknown see the previous post or listen on your favorite Podcast platform
. IRELAND PILGRIMAGE JUNE 2024 ~ ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT If you would like to journey in-person to Ireland next Summer Solstice, June 15-23, 2024 and experience all kinds of magical delights click here ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT An Ireland Pilgrim's Thoughts:

'Some years ago I participated in a pilgrimage in Ireland led by Meghan. It was an inspiring and transformative experience. Meghan’s deep connection to the Divine and to the Goddess enables her to create a truly magnificent environment for a heavenly experience, deeply metaphysical, while at the same time deeply grounded in Mother Earth.

Her authenticity, approachability, and loving nature enabled me and our entire group to bond, and to experience many deeply spiritual experiences, healing and renewal. Additionally, her familiarity with Ireland and her people, enables her to provide an experience where you feel like a native and not like a tourist. I treasure my memories and the beautiful experiences we shared on our sacred journey.’ Oh, how lovely to receive this. I, too treasure the many memories of the pilgrimages I have led, and the depth of experiences we shared together. Precious times. OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW ZEALAND PILGRIMAGE Visit the labyrinth and places described in the previous Podcast, thermal hot springs, sacred cliff portals, and wahine (women) places. Engage with a Maori carver and an Elder & Wisdom Keeper. Please email if you are interested. SOPHIA WISDOM TREE: We have set sail on this grand adventure into the vastness of Sophia exploring in our first session, the Fountain of Life, the eternal flow of love, possibility, and destiny for humankind. Then we moved into Divine Wisdom and Understanding. You can still join us with this exploration into the sacred Tree of Your Own Life, having roots in the Earth and in the Heavens. Recordings available of all sessions Register Here: May You Walk Tall Into The Unknown

Blessed Solstice of the longest night in the South and the longest day in the North Meghan

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