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THURSDAY DEC.14 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET US$45 The Understanding When I was diagnosed with a rare form of aneurysm and began the journey into uncharted surgical territory there were 3 distinct levels of being that I entered. First - I wanted this cup to be taken from me. I did not want to deal with doctors and surgeons who were walking a pathway into my body where they had not walked before. Second - I began to experience the many blessings that were being given alongside the challenging difficulties. Third - I was raised beyond any form of spiritual bypass, any form of resistance, any form of beyond. I entered the Golden Love and experienced myself and the whole world as This. Everything was in Perfect Order. Humanity’s Journey When we translate the above to our world situation we walk the same path: First - We want all the suffering to cease. We want the cup of the world to be drained of its pain. Second - We see the benefits of what is occurring even amongst the atrocities. We understand the revealing of the underbelly of our world and outer domination is necessary. We know that the shadow of the world needs to be exposed before it can be restored to its original energy of love. Third - When we are born into the Golden Love we can then understand at a much deeper level the perfection of humanity’s evolution that is occurring. We become the Peacekeepers of the Golden Love. Your Birthing Into The Golden Love - We will enter into Ceremonial Prayer and Meditation together walking through the 3 above pathways, opening the way for the upcoming Solstice and Christ-mas. - We will invite the Sophia-Wisdom and the Christ-Wisdom within to birth in whole new ways - unique to each one of us - the birth into the Golden Love of existence. - We will pray for the birthing of our Earth and world, and the birthing of humanity’s evolution, to be as peaceful and gentle as possible. We will enter into Loving Ceremony with your own prayers/poems contributing and tending to the elixir of Love we will create together. Preparation - Create an altar that speaks to your own heart at this time, as simple or as elaborate as you like. - You may want to have symbols of the above 3 pathways - to create a Golden Love of Unification - Have offerings of juice/wine and bread/fruits/cake

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