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Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom, a wisdom that goes far beyond the understanding of what any human understanding or wisdom is conceived to be. 

She, who paradoxically is beyond gender, is the Indwelling Wisdom who is deeply embedded within every being and every living thing in Creation. She is the life coursing through our veins, She is the very marrow of our spiritual bones, She is Life Itself!

Anywhere we look She is there. Look away, and She is still there, yet She will not intrude upon your natural inclination. She patiently waits until you are inclined towards Her, and then She will lead you on the most wondrous path, a path that will dissolve beneath your very feet, a path that will lead you up the mountain of freedom and roll you back down into the pure mud of life, refining you again and again as you experience yourself in your abundant entirety.

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Wisdom of Solomon 6:15-16

“Resting your thoughts on Her -
this is perfect understanding.
Staying mindful of Her -
this is perfect calm.
She embraces those who are ready for Her,
revealing Herself in the midst of their travels.
meeting them in every thought.”

Wisdom of Solomon 7: 7

And so I prayed, and 
understanding was given me;
I entreated, and the spirit of Wisdom
came to me.

Excerpts of Sophia-Logue by Rev. Meghan Don

I am She who exists before all time
In time eternity you will know my Face
In timeless eternity you will find me
There is nothing that I am not
There is nothing that exists apart from me

She who holds fast to me
Will know me
He who desires me
Will be set free

I am a Mind like no other
There are answers and no answers at all
I am the Mystery that hides Herself
And She who reveals the spoken power

I am the roundness of the world
I spread myself wide
And take all into me
I give birth to my Daughter Wisdom
Renewing my legacy through the ages

I am the light and the dark
I am the strong and the weak
I am born and unborn
You who know me know joy of the heart
And radiance of mind

I am in the dawn and the dusk
I am in the bar-room brawl
The Temple of Light
The prayer of prostration
The calloused hand of unspoken love – I am there

I am the Light beyond the light
And the Darkness beyond the dark
You will find me in the Eternal Daughter
And as the Crone-Without-End

I am in the force of nature
And the gentle breeze of the World to Come
I lie down in the bed of sorrows
I arise in the dawn of joy

Your bondage I lick 
With the flames of my Fire
I dance upon you in ecstasy
Smoothing even the finest of edges
This is the way of my being 
Creation and Destruction

I am Sophia, your Mother
Take heed of your nature
Dance in my moonlight

And in the light of my sun

I rise for all the World to see
But few glance my way.


Perfect Thunder Mind
Finally sanity comes
And they will flee to their place of rest
There they will find me
There they will live, never to die again
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