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Megan's Journey

As with all of our human journeys, mine has been filled with much joy and much sorrow. Coming to this Earth was certainly a shock as the vibrational quality of my home and environment had a decided density of consciousness (as many of our homes did). Unfortunately my home was also a home of abuse on all levels in all of its forms. It has been a long road back to trust and feelings of worthiness; trusting in both my self and others, and coming into deep self-love and acceptance.

I was born in New Zealand (no country is idyllic!), and spent my childhood and adolescence growing up on a farm. I am deeply grateful for this as it allowed me to develop a connection with the land spirits and animal beings. I can truthfully say, it was the land and the animals that saved me in those times of deep isolated pain in my earlier years, as I would spend much time alone with these beings in deep communion. And I still do today.

As a teenager I had a close relationship with a Maori Tohunga (shaman) whereupon many of the magical ways of the Maori peoples were transmitted. Initially, there was also a deep love for the Christian stories and teachings, but with the unfolding years, they started to become arid, lifeless, and not at all inspiring.

Journeying Eastward, I met the bliss of dance and chant of Krishna and Radha. I even lived in Krishna’s birthplace in India, thinking that this was to be my destiny. Alas, not to be. Even though my soul was experiencing great joy, there was an intrinsic knowing, that this was not my place.

So I posed the question:

“Where does this wisdom reside in Christianity?”

– Meghan Don

The answer to this question propelled me to Melbourne, Australia where I delved deeply into the Christian mystical life, journeying with many wonderful and wise beings dedicating themselves to the monastic life.

“Ah, here is my place,” I thought again, but the very luminous and outrageously humorous Mother Superior sent me on my way before I could don any habit. Thank God. This Mother Superior clearly saw what havoc would have been caused in her very peaceful and disciplined monastery, if I had joined. 

Meanwhile I was also attending college at this time and enjoying the height of liberal thought and creativity, and the wonders of the human psyche and mind. Years later after making a deep and wonderful foray into Jungian Psychology at Masters Level, authentic dance, and the explorative voice and sound world, I was revisited by the mystic presence of Teresa of Avila, and then later Clare and Francis of Assisi. What a journey they took me on, walking and praying and writing all over Europe, discovering whole new layers of my soul. It was a glorious time with deep communing and ultimately inviting souls to journey with me on pilgrimages.

Meghan Don 2015-07-03 004 (009).jpg

Onward I strode into the world of the Gnostic Gospels and mysteries, dedicating myself to five years of training and study with the Gnostic Master and Kabbalistic Teacher, Tau Malachi, of the Sophian Lineage. Here was revealed the deeply mystical Christian Lineage that my soul so longed for as a teenager. Here was the Feminine in all of her power and wisdom being understood in full equality. This training and community life was not always easy, but it was always rich, deeply intimate, ever-evolving, and drew me into the greater depths of my own soul and work.


I am now living in Ireland, returning to the land of my Ancestors, and the roots of my soul. Drawing from the Celtic Earth Wisdom, and joining with all that I have studied, lived, and experienced there arises a new creative way of writing and being. I look forward to sharing that with all.


Of Grace


Meghan is known for her keen insight into the human workings of the soul. Pointing towards the truth with compassion and humor, she allows others to witness and experience this truth for themselves.

After a surprising aneurysm surgery Meghan became vividly aware of the Gift of Prayer that was graced through that experience. Many have experienced the ongoing grace of this gift.

Working with those who have passed over, Meghan helps souls continue their journey of release and healing, and helps those on this earth to expand their awareness into this realm.


Entering into the fullness and the mysteries of the body, Meghan facilitates our inner wisdom through dance, chant, and simple ritual, complimenting the deep meditative and contemplative practices.

The childhood gift of deep connection with the natural world and all of its creatures remains, and continues to grow.

Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, The Sophia Institute and Episcopal and Methodist Churches.

Her book, Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey Into The Sacred, won the Best Book and Author Award in New Zealand in 2006