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Feminine Courage

Courage ~ Clarity ~ Commitment 

Feminine Courage

Welcome back to your true Feminine Nature - She who has been waiting for you for a very long time. It is the time of the Awakened and Embodied Feminine. It is time to heal on even deeper levels, to speak, to act, to love from the fullest capacity we are able. Our world needs our vision, our voice, our leadership.

Let us complete the work that many courageous women started so many centuries ago so that we become the natural human-divine realized in female form with true justice returning to our Earth.


I invite you to join with me in any capacity you are called, whether it be on a zoom class, an online self-study course, a pilgrimage in Ireland, a virtual private retreat, personal spiritual mentoring, or simply to receive our reflections. 

“Exploring the many dimensions of the Mother with Meghan Don on Live Zoom calls is a deep awakening. I love being in a Circle of women, where the power of studying in a group deepens my integrity and activates my power. This process enhances my life through more conscious choices, expands my responses and consequences, and the somatic daily prayers, chants and journaling expand my vitality.”
Deborah Cautela, ME
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The Book

Experience your courageous and evolutionary self with this clear and honest guide to embracing the light and the dark faces of your inner feminine being. Learn how to restore your hope and faith, transform your fear into strength, and return a loving justice to our Earth. Using reflections, prayers, meditations, and ancient chants. Feminine Courage helps you to heal, remember, and trust your inner soul voice and vision. No matter your age, spiritual beliefs, or even gender, you can easily access each inner divine face as Meghan Don skillfully guides you through this powerful exploration of the sacred feminine.

"Meghan Don explores the multiple dimensions of the feminine energy and how it's renewal will heal not just women and men but all of the natural world...By internalizing and incorporating into our psyche the true power of the feminine in her many aspects, we can bring about a rebalancing of the world. Feminine Courage is a great contribution toward this goal."

- DENA MERRIAM, Founder and Convener of Global Peace Initiative of Women and Founding Member of Contemplative Alliance

"Magical, powerful, embodied are key concepts in this illuminated articulation of a new feminine spirituality...a remarkable work of creative inspirations and genuine gnostic intuitions...highly recommended!" LEE IRWIN, author of The Alchemy of Soul: The Art of Spiritual Transformation
“In this timely and compelling work, Meghan Don illuminates the feminine in her many dark and light forms, elegantly articulating the hope of restoration, embodiment, and healing. Meghan is a trustworthy guide on the journey toward ever greater freedom and wholeness.” —Sharon Martin, PhD, Jungian Psychoanalyst
Articles about Feminine Courage

The most beautiful thing for the human being to know is a natural confidence and self-worth, and yet, knowing our innate Goodness has not and does not come easy to us, no matter who we are, or our worldly achievements. My own journey with this has been long and ongoing and it intrigues me as to when confidence and self-worth are naturally present or when the lack of both show up. The question becomes…

Divine Feminine Blessing

May the Daughter of Light breathe hope, creative inspiration, and joyful energy into you. May she assist in all that you wish to bring into life this year.


May the Daughter of the Dark deliver you from the wilderness of loneliness of heart, lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence, and any lack at all.


May the Mother of Light resurrect your tender and unbiased compassion, your loving gaze and gentle words. May Her light shine through you.


May the Mother of the Dark bring forth all that you do not see, all that lies in your bed dreaming in ignorance, arrogance, and fear. May She transform all into the brilliant radiance that you are.


May the Cosmic Crone of Light draw you into the vast galaxies of creation, reminding you that every cell in your body is alive with the Creative Force.

May the Crone of the Dark and Dissolution dissolve all your misbeliefs, all your opinions, all pillars of surety you have created for false security. May you fly free in the Dark Vast Wisdom of Unknowing.


And may you hear the gentle whisper, and feel the Pure Virginal Being, the Pure Radiance of Awareness, making her way to you from the very ground of your being. May you know that She is you.

A Divine Feminine Blessing
By Meghan Don
Chants from Feminine Courage

Listen to chants given in The New Divine Feminine

Please note: I speak the chant first, pause, then chant them

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