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Based on the book Feminine Courage by Meghan Don

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To have courage means to live from your whole heart. In order to do this, you need to be living in, and from your whole body

A seven-module course that will help you remember what it means to stand firmly in the foundation of your true and courageous nature, in body and soul. It will aid in bringing forward: the full vision of life within, your voice of clarity and confidence, and, your contribution to the return of a loving and just Earth.


Please join me in these valuable explorations, guided meditations, journal reflections, and body and sound exercises, so you walk proudly in the world. See more info below.

"She is the one who dreams visions of what she and this world are to become; she is the one who holds hope in her breath and spreads it across the earth with every exhale; faith is her middle name, as she knows nothing other.

Module 1: The Daughter of Light

Courage to have Hope and Faith

We will explore where hope and faith live in you. What does hope really mean? Is it still alive within you? And do you have faith in yourself, in humanity, in the Loving Universe, or is doubt lingering over you like an unspoken shadow? In these difficult times it is especially relevant to dig deeply into these questions. You will return to the truth of hope and faith and begin to restore them within your soul.

Module 2: Daughter of the Dark

The Courage to Transform Your Fear into Strength

We all have fear to some degree. Some fear paralyzes and keeps you hidden in false safety. Other fear silently gnaws at your soul and constantly draws you away from the truth of your natural power and strength. In this module we will walk into the land of your shadow and trauma and draw back into life the original energy lost in living. Returning, you emerge strong and confident, with that long desired feeling of freedom.

Module 3: The Mother of Light

Courage of a Tender and Compassionate Heart

With the world in such disarray and much suffering in every corner it takes courage to feel, and to not be overwhelmed. In this module you will avail yourself of the most tender and

compassionate heart of the Divine Mother. We all need to be embraced and held. We all need to feel and let those feelings be fully felt. Ultimately you will come to know your own tender and compassionate heart and how you can embrace yourself.

Module 4: Mother of the Dark

The Courage to Restore a Loving Justice to Our Earth

By being willing to feel where your heart break is in this world you will find the place where you can help restore loving justice. There are so many places in need; children and elder care, at-risk youth, racial and economic inequalities, environmental concerns, animal abuse, creative and artist support, to name just a few. You don’t need to look beyond your own neighborhood or community. This module opens to, and supports, small actions to create loving steps to restore the integrity of human living on this Earth.

Module 5: The Grandmother-Crone of Light

Courage to Speak

The feminine voice has been silenced for far too long. All of our voices are needed in order for the consciousness of humanity and life to evolve. In this module, you will reach deep into the darkness of the silence and draw forth your soul’s own unique way of speaking, and learn the value of firm, loving, and honest words, to self and others. This module includes voice exercises and chant.

Module 6: Grandmother-Crone of the Dark

The Courage to Lead in New Ways

As our world and old consciousness dissolves, we are being asked to bring forward new ways and vision of leadership. We lead by example, and therefore you can lead anywhere in your life. In this module you will find comfortability with the death and dissolution happening, both personally and collectively, and explore how you can bring forth your own inner vision to contribute to courageous new ways of living.

Module 7: Sacred-Virginal Essence of Your True Nature

The Courage to Stand in Your Own Grounded Presence

The sacred presence of your being is where your natural courage and true pride in self resides. It is where all your fear, anxiety, worry, lack of confidence and any other form of lack can be brought to, and be compassionately received. You will come to know that your Grounded Presence is your greatest friend and ally. You will discover this presence as right here, and has been here all along, seeking to support you at every turn of your life, in every joy and in every sorrow. In this final module, you will gather all of the ways of courage you have studied and stand firmly in your naturally courageous being.

"She births through her soul a revolutionary nature as she stands
in her own land and cries out for others to join in the play of a new
world consciousness."

From Feminine Courage: Remembering Your Voice and Vision Through a Retelling of Our Myths and Inner Stories

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Your Guide: Rev. Meghan Don

Rev. Meghan Don has been described as “THE VOICE when it comes to how we as humans can integrate the feminine in our lives,” and her work “leads us into our true nature where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world.” Meghan is an Evolutionary Mystic, Award-Winning Author, a Feminine Mentor, and Death & Dying Guide. Her work incorporates mystical prayer and meditation, sacred chant and dance, Jungian wisdom, and Tree of Life mysteries, bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary and accessible form. Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, and Interfaith Training Institutes. 


Her books are: Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred (winner of Best Book & Author Award, 2006), Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi, and her latest, Feminine Courage: Remembering Your Voice and Vision Through a Retelling of Our Myths and Inner Stories. Meghan is currently working on a new book on Death and Dying.

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