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A Fluid Reality

And I shall tell them of the coming end of this realm

and teach them of the beginning of the eternal realm to come

- Three Forms of First Thought

I want to share with you an experience I had, over a year ago now. I was in New York City teaching at One Spirit Learning Alliance for the weekend and gave myself an extra day to enjoy the city. One of my excursions was to the Rubin Museum, where they had the theme of Fluid Reality, and one of the exhibits was a venture into Virtual Reality. I had never participated in this “other virtual goggle” experience before and interestingly, I felt a little nervous. Not sure why, probably because it was new and I really didn’t know what to expect.

The journey I was taken on was the same journey as experienced by the first Westerners into Tibet, and the virtual aspect was wondrous. I was taken into homes and monasteries, I trekked over snowy mountains, I joined with a monk who was transporting himself to other dimensions through his chant, but most incredible was how I did this. Through a hand held device with a laser beam I was able to transport myself from one place to another simply by pointing the device to where I wanted to go.

I could point to an upstairs floor and then be there. I could point through a window and then be on the other side. On a couple of occasions I got stuck in a wall - that was a little disconcerting - I hadn’t extended my reach far enough. I teleported from one place to another, absolutely loving this adventure! 

I came across a room filled with extraordinary art. In the middle of the room was a transparent sculpture turning on a pedestal. Pointing at the sculpture I then found myself in the sculpture, turning with it, and looking from the inside out. Wow! I entered into the body of an ancient (stuffed) creature and looked through its eyes. Another wow!

I then walked through the most wondrous ice cave with colors reflecting and the sound of monks chanting. I found myself in a monastery far in the mountains. I was led into a room that was completely covered by the most beautiful and richly colored thangkas, and the most exquisite and very large tibetan carpet. In the middle of the room was an ancient manuscript. I could feel this books sacredness. I was given directions to throw this manuscript up into the air. I did, and as it whirled upwards the ceiling of the room began to open and dissolve and I was looking out upon the great night sky. Then I looked, and the walls of the room and the thangkas themselves began to dissolve - the night sky became broader, opening out into the greater cosmos. I was struck with pure wonder at the beauty and expansiveness as I witnessed swirling masses of stars  and whole galaxies.

And then I looked down, and the floor and carpet I was standing on slowly began to dissolve, until it was completely gone and now underneath me was also this grand cosmic display. I was floating in the spaciousness of the cosmos. Ah! It was pure bliss. A tear rolled down from beneath my virtual goggle, and the word that I whispered was, “Home.” It was so beautiful. Stars and meteors were flying by and I was flying by with them. My Cosmic Home.

The attendant of the exhibit had to ask me 3 times to end the journey and give the goggles back. Each time I pleaded, “Just a little bit longer, please just a little bit longer.” She was very generous with me, and finally I conceded. 

Everything about this journey was magical, as is our life here if we allow it to be so.

It was about leaving the known reality of the small mind and dissolving into a greater expansiveness of being and way of being. It reminded me of our death journey in many ways, as we leave the constraints of the body behind, but instead of a hand held device and goggles, we have a greater consciousness and therefore greater thought to take us into different realities. In death, we know reality is fluid. And in death, things change instantly or at least much more quickly than they do here on Earth, and for most, they don’t go back, only forward.

Let us die now. Dissolve. Become fluid. And move forward. The magic of your life awaits.

Enjoy the video of the Practice of Dissolution in a previous post


Save The Dates:

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Teresa of Avila: Her Spiritual Consciousness & Feminine Power

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The Weekend of September 20-22: Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY

Emerging Out of the Womb-Tomb with Mary Magdalene

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