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Forest & Human Guardianhip


The forest and the creatures therein have a natural form of guardianship. Awareness is acute. Instinct is strong. The good of all is paramount.

Humanity has much to learn from the elemental forms that make up these natural habitats. We too easily lose our awareness through overstimulation, distraction, and pressures to produce. We even fall into unawareness by eating foods that are not good for us.

And then there are our thoughts creating all sorts of havoc in all directions.

At this time it is so important to become a guardian of our minds - aware of our thoughts from moment to moment - as this is how we can be dragged into the negative and divided foray dominating our world. Our inner being knows no division and if we stand firmly in the true ground of our nature we cannot be dragged into the worldly milieu no matter how subtle it can be - and believe me it can be so subtle that we do not even notice until we are in the thick of it.

 The Boundary of Love

Our world needs more people basking in the true nature of Love as long as we can each day, but we need to make a concerted effort with our time and focus to allow this to occur and grow. And here I have to add when I am consciously opening to this Love the onslaught of the world has no effect whatsoever - the Golden Love is a natural boundary or repellent if you like - it cannot be penetrated by any outside force - it either allows energy coming into contact with it to realize its own Golden Love and essence or that energy retreats. What a natural and beautiful way of keeping ourselves protected and yet cosmically and humanly open at the same time. A boundary of love. Ostensibly an oxymoron, but I have seen this in action with energies that are less than kind to humanity, and they either desire to be alchemically transformed or they rapidly depart.

Birthing Into The Golden Love: Your Inner Sophia-Christ

Please join me in becoming Guardians and Creators of this Sacred Birthing

Thursday, Dec.14 7:00pm-9:pmET

Live on Zoom and Recorded

A Prayerful Ceremony - A time to gather bringing our heart and soul energy together, our prayers and poems and songs.

May This New Moon and Solstice Time Coming Bless You and All of Humanity



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