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Living Into The Unknown

First I want to share with you all some miraculous news!

Last week I received a one year visa to remain in Ireland, plus it will be renewed for another year after that, which takes me to September 2022. Nothing short of a miracle, as this is very difficult to attain. I told the Immigration Officer about my journey back to my Great, Great Grandmother's birthplace, and resolutely stated, that "I belong here." She looked at me intently, and agreed, took my passport and gave me the year long stamp. What joy. What gratitude. 

I will be returning to upstate NY the beginning of November, sorting/selling/sending over any special belongings and settling my affairs, as they say. I will return to Ireland mid-December.

Equinox Celebration:

And so I invite you all to come and celebrate with me on Sunday 20th at 11amET for an Online Sacred Celebration of the Equinox. A time of balance. A time to celebrate the Dark Womb Wisdom of the Feminine and the Pillar of Light Wisdom of the Masculine.  Your Donations Welcome.

To Donate: (Suggested Donation $20-$35 Scroll down to Custom Amount) Thank you!

Living Into The Unknown: Oct.7 - Nov.11

A 6 week course, learning the magic and miraculous way to live into the unknown. Finding our Unperturbed and Dependable Nature. Please see the video above and further info here:

Please note:As I will be returning to the US in November to wind up my life there (returning to Ireland mid-December), times are changed accordingly. All sessions recorded.

Latest Podcast: Stepping Into The Eternal

I describe my journey to an ancient monastic island, encountering the local saints and mystics, lucid dreams and more

Equinox Blessings

As we draw into this time of Balance, may we find that Balance within.

May we breathe slowly and deliberately 

May we eat slowly and mindfully

May we love slowly and gently

Sending The Balance of the Earth, The Sky, and the Sea


Self Study Online

The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene:

The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine:

More offerings here:

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