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New Year Blessing

A New Year Blessing

As we step into this New Year

May your wishes and desires be bold

May you stand tall in helping them come into life

May all unseen territory be entered with a strong faith

Know you and this Earth are loved beyond reason

May you take refuge in the Mother of the Cosmos

Feel her calming breath guiding you

May you see through all fear

And liberate fear itself

Bringing it and all beings home to the

New Earth birthing.

A Call to Peace

As those in our world continue to fight for their power to enslave others, may you stand strong in Peace, and may you let Joy fuel your heart as much as you can. Find it wherever and whenever you can in even the smallest of ways. I have been delighting in the tiniest flowers appearing in grasslands, barely visible but once I see them they seem to spring from everywhere. What can you see or hear this year that you normally do not?

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