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Some Great Reading For You

Now more than ever, when the world seems chaotic and in flux, it is time to ground and nourish our

selves with rich resources that feed the mind, expand the heart, and speak of truth. I want to share this life-enhancing Magazine with you. Let it fill you up!. Read it, and share it with others so that we empower our world. Access 11:11 Magazine’s NEWEST ISSUE here:

11:11 is symbolic of the four levels of being: mental - emotional - physical - spiritual. It represents the areas to grow and balance as you bridge your human experience and highest expression through the sacred geometry within you that are: Truth - Growth - Energy - Wisdom - Unification. Simran founded 11:11 Magazine & Talk Radio in 2008 and has been sharing inspiration, individuals and information on spirituality, metaphysics, personal growth and consciousness through these free resources. Again, the direct link to this POWERFUL issue:

I, along with other beautiful souls are featured. Discover your creativity, voice, vitality and insight as you tap into your sacred nature.

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