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The Crone and Interior Star Reflections

Our Circle moves this month into The Cosmic Crone of Light and the Interior Throat Star. The Crone is actively present in our world today, revealing the consequences of our beautiful but sleeping human species, and revealing the rising voice of the awakened ones.

Which one are we?

Can we propose that we are awakened yet remain silent in the face of constant tragedy in the world, or even in our own personal life?

And if we are speaking, what are the words that come forth, and perhaps more pertinent, where do they come from?

The Crone is the greatest trickster of all. She takes us way beyond the realm of spiritual platitudes and concepts, and asks us to enter the bare naked truth of the unknown. She is the greatest liberator of all, and she keeps liberating us. It is not a one time deal with the Crone. She is about Evolution and fulfilling the Divine Plan of Creation. As creation takes a particular course then the plan heats up or cools down accordingly.

Right now we are in the heat.

So, let us free our voices in the night and bring forth the sound of our own personal creation, the creation that was born of a fiery and cooling love. Let us discern when words of firm fire are needed and when words of cool tenderness are needed


May we speak like the Voice of Wisdom in Thunder, Perfect Mind:

I am the voice of many sounds and the utterance of many forms….

I am the utterance of my name.

Happy Journeying,


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