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The Epiphany and Original Star Wisdom

On Sunday 6th January the Epiphany is being celebrated. The etymology for epiphany means “to reveal.” It has also come to mean “an illuminating discovery,” or “the manifestation of an illumined being.”

The traditional Epiphany is the celebration of the Wise Men seeking out and finding Yeshua. These wise men were skilled astrological practitioners and were following the signs of the stars and the prophecy of an illuminated one to come.

Every star has a vibration, every star has a ‘procreative and original impetus of the universe’ that is destined to come into fulfillment for the universal good.

Our Circle celebrates the Epiphany as the Original Star Wisdom day, that is, a day when we celebrate the wisdom of our star of origin. We are all aligned, or become aligned as we evolve, to another star system where the wisdom is beyond our earthly wisdom. Our task is to bring the vibration of that wisdom to Earth.

So, we need to ask, “What is the original vibration of my soul?” In releasing all of the other less luminous vibrations we have taken on and identified with, we can make space to feel and hear our true vibratory quality.

We can then venture into the ‘original impetus of the universe’ that wants to stream through us.

Blessed Epiphany

Blessed Original Star Wisdom Day!

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