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What Happens When We Die


“Light and darkness,

life and death,

right and left,

are brothers and sisters.

They are inseparable.”

- The Gospel of Philip

Ever since I was a child I have been aware of other dimensional realities, but it was in my twenties that I began to see the spirits of the dead, fully alive and wandering very close to us. Many of them were seeking their freedom to move onwards as somehow they were stuck in-the-between. It became evident that I had been gifted with the ability to help souls pass through, what the Buddhists call, their bardo journeys. It was not for some time, however, that I began to take up this work more regularly and began learning in greater depth how to assist souls in this way. Now, it has become a work that I am most honored to do, and a work that I love!

Over the spring and summer I began writing a book on this subject, as so many people ask me how they can help their loved ones once they have passed on. Sadly, it is a vital area of both our earthly and spiritual life that has been neglected, denied, and buried in the ancient pile of Western wisdom.

In learning how to help others with their death process, we naturally need to begin with ourselves. In November and December I am teaching two concurrent online classes that open the doorway into this wondrous area of study and practical application. And of course, this is the perfect time of year - when the veils are thin between the worlds - when we enter into the darkness in order to birth the light.

Mary Magdalene has emerged to be our guide. Who better to guide us than she who walked the mystery of life and death, and life again, with her brother Lazarus, and of course, with Yeshua. We have been told so little about the true nature of these journeys, yet, as Yeshua and Magdalene were fond of saying, “For those with eyes to see, and ears to hear,” the wisdom is there in plain sight when we open to it.

I welcome all to join in this adventure, and please know if you cannot attend live that is no problem at all, the recordings are available for you to listen to in your own time.

Let us prepare ourselves for the mystical death that always precedes any birthing of the light, and also for our own physical death, for who knows when she may come calling our name. Let us prepare the way!

See here for more information. Please feel free to email any questions you may have.

I Look Forward to Dying and Resurrecting With You


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