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When Does Love Divide?

“Peace be with you - may my Peace arise and be fulfilled within you!

Be vigilant, and allow no one to mislead you by saying:

‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’

For it is within you.”

- Gospel of Mary Magdalene

My heart is becoming more and more saddened at how humanity is falling prey to fear, and our behavior becoming more and more divided as a consequence. I am seeing and hearing so many “sides.” This side has the answer - ‘Here it is!’ No, this side has the answer, ‘There it is!’

Even amongst so-called conscious spiritual circles I am also witnessing this. Some are called to activism, saying, ‘Here it is!’ Some are called to deep healing and prayer saying, ‘There it is!’ Some are called back to Earth practices - “This is the way.’ Yet, of course, all of these are needed. How beautiful to form this tapestry with many threads.

Carl Jung observed something very true about humanity and society, and that is the pendulum swinging phenomenon. First, the general ethos swings over to one extreme, and then swings over to the other extreme. Unfortunately, it seems we have forgotten how to swing back into the middle equilibrium of the two.

For instance, we have had an epoch of Father - Light - Heaven - Enlightenment - Masculine. For a little while now we have been swinging to Mother - Dark - Earth - Embodiment - Feminine. In reality, both are needed, and if we only fixate on what is “wrong” with either of these realities we then become extreme proponents of one or the other. What is the Goodness of both?

We can ask the same with our political extremes, the extremes within our own personalities, the extremes within our partners and neighbors, and learn to honor that. But how do we stand up and honor what is clearly not in alignment with the Goodness? We can stand up and speak with Love. We can be an activist of any order, whether it be environmental, political, spiritual/religious, yet speak and act with Love as our very ground. When frustration turns to cutting words or dismissal, when anger boils and bursts or excludes, then we divide. When does Love ever truly divide?

It is a difficult thing to sit with another when both are feeling “they are right,” but what freedom when one can speak what is needed and then let go. Let go of any feeling of rightness, let go of any superior feelings. We may be feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness right now, yet the answer for each of us is within - “For it is within you” - Do not follow another over here or over there. When you free yourself from all the opinions, news stories, anger and frustration, what is within? Follow this.

“Peace be with you - may my Peace arise and be fulfilled within you!”

This seems like a very tall order today, but so were the words, “Forgive them for they know not what they do,” and yet they were spoken in complete understanding and compassion, not superiority. Can we do the same when we are confronted with what seems like unredeemable situations?

And can we go within and accept and honor all the many ways that are being undertaken to try and live the Goodness in the world? We don’t need to proclaim our way as “this is the way,” we just need to live what is ours to live as best as we can, knowing we are all needed in various ways to help create a loving Earth.

“Thus Mary turned their hearts toward the Good.” - Gospel of Mary Magdalene

May we do the same, for ourselves and others.

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Blessed Peace and Love,


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