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We are creatures of the Earth. Rising into Remembrance.

We are all born from deep within the soil of this Earth. These bodies of clay rise through the generations of our families, our ancestors, holding the germinating seed of remembrance.

How many times have we been born?

How many different cultures and colors of skin have we known as home?

How many times have we died into the many soils of this Earth?

Yet, it is all one soil, all one soul.

And so we enter into the 2nd module of our Life & Death Journey to re-member our bodies and to honor their
need for ritual and ceremony. What is ritual/ceremony? A focused action of communion with all of who you are and all of
the life and death that surrounds and is a part of you. It is an act of belonging and participation

in the evolutionary process of our world and beyond.

You will learn of the different indigenous death traditions and Meghan’s personal experiences in
working with the spirits of the dead. Find what speaks to your own Earth soul and how this
wisdom can help bring you closer to your clay body here and now.

Come join me and others as we create a Sacred Circle for our bodies to rise back into participatory

belonging both in our living and in our daily dying ~ and one day into our physical death.

What wisdom does our body want to teach us about living and dying?

How can we die to the old and resurrect into new life?

See each session description below

"We live, we die and like the grass and trees renew ourselves from the soft Earth… " 

-     Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

Session 1: Death and Dying Ritual-Meditation

We gather together in our Sacred Presence and in Sacred Circle opening the portal to pray for those who are passing over, and for our loved one’s who have already passed. We connect with our loved one's and Ancestors and firstly receive their love, filling ourselves with this. We then reciprocate in kind. 

We open to what each soul, or groups of souls need here and now and open to their communication with us. This is a traditional Celtic celebration to honor and assist our sisters and brothers and our animal loved ones too. It is also the celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead and the Christian celebration of All Souls. We can do this at any time, however.

We live symbiotically with the dead and dying. We help them as they help us. A beautiful meditation of connection and love through the realms.

Session 2: Belonging to the Earth

You will learn of the Aboriginal traditions and stories of Meghan’s time with the Walpiri Tribe in Australia. You will drop deeply into how you belong to this Earth and discover where there may be places within you that do not feel they belong.

We can only fully leave this Earth when we fully belong. A ritual-ceremony will be given to enhance this discovery.

Session 3: Living & Dying Heart Songs

Learn of the Native American wisdom, braiding life, death, ritual, song, the Earth as one. Working with the spirits of the dead with the Native American peoples has been Meghan’s greatest honor. She shares these sacred times with you and shows how we can learn from them.

We will create our own Living & Dying Heart Song of Gratitude to Mother Earth.

Session 4: Farewells to the Earth

Here we enter into the wisdom of Meghan’s birth country of Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) New Zealand and the Maori peoples. Learn of their death mythologies and stories. What do you need to farewell at this time? What do we collectively need to farewell? We will create our own ritual-ceremony to farewell the old and welcome the new.

Session 5: Desert Dwellers

The early Christians knew how to die. They had the penultimate teachers in Yeshua, Mother Mary, Magdalene, and Lazarus. We reach into the swirling sands and the desert rose of new life teachings. We prepare the way for the resurrection of humanity and the Earth as we merge into the silence of Advent and the celebration of Solstice and the Christ-birthing in each of us.

"You must awaken while in this body, for everything exists in it:
Resurrect in this life."

– Gospel of Philip

What You Receive

5 Teaching Videos
5 Recorded Meditations
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Your Life & Death Journey - Part Two

Your Guide: Rev. Meghan Don

Rev. Meghan Don has been described as “THE VOICE when it comes to how we as humans can integrate the feminine in our lives,” and her work “leads us into our true nature where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world.” Meghan is an Evolutionary Mystic, Award-Winning Author, a Feminine Mentor, and Death & Dying Guide. Her work incorporates mystical prayer and meditation, sacred chant and dance, Jungian wisdom, and Tree of Life mysteries, bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary and accessible form. Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, and Interfaith Training Institutes. 


Her books are: Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred (winner of Best Book & Author Award, 2006), Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi, and her latest, Feminine Courage: Remembering Your Voice and Vision Through a Retelling of Our Myths and Inner Stories. Meghan is currently working on a new book on Death and Dying.

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