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The Time of the Thin Veils

At this time with people preparing Halloween costumes, myself and those I work intimately with are preparing to help and assist souls in their time of transition. It is known as the “thin time” where souls who have recently passed or are in their time of passing can be readily assisted. Please join with us by taking up the prayer below. Prepare yourself by coming into the quiet spaciousness of your soul, and stay here for some time. When you feel ready speak out the prayer, feeling the words with your heart of compassion. Go into silence and ask in what way you may assist souls further. It may be your silence that is helpful. You may become aware of a name or a face, simply follow what your soul is guided to do. We often are praying for souls we do not know, and prayers we would not think to utter. Trust and follow. All will flow accordingly for the good of all.


A Prayer For The Dying

Mother, into your Arms of Compassion I place all those souls who are dying

Bring The Angels of Comfort and Peace to their side

May their elemental-physical body dissolve with grace

And may all harshness of heart be forgiven

May they forgive themselves, and others.

Be with your children Mother, as they make their crossing

May help be given to unwind and let go of their life with ease

May love fill their heart and consciousness

And may all else be let go into the fire of the Spirit.

May they know that there is no judgment

May they know, that no one, no angel, no God, is judging

There is only Love

There is only Goodness

May there be recognition of this

May there be realization of this.

And as they make their way into a new life

May the old be let go

May there be a new beginning

May their soul remember

Remember to live the fullness of life

Remember what it is to become a full human being

Remember themselves as All That Is.

Be with those who are passing Mother.

Fold them in your loving heart

Let the Presence of Protection be with them

May they travel swiftly to their home of peace

I ask this for all souls passing at this time

I thank you Mother,

I thank you. 

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