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Of Sophia

~Where Tradition meets Evolution~
~Where Earth meets Sky~

The Sanctuary Of Sophia

A Center For The Return of Humanity

We invite you to learn about our mission 
and how you may participate and assist…


Our souls desire intimacy, to belong, to create and contribute, to be cherished, to be present in soul and body - this is community.

Our Soul Purpose & Mission

To provide a place where the sacredness of life may be known through connection with the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Presence. To be a container for healing, spiritual connection, ritual, and death and dying trainings. To offer sacred space for retreats of solace through prayerful communion with the Earth.

Our Vision

To restore our souls and bodies to the natural harmony and divine flow of life.

To provide a place to heal and restore the compassionate inclusive feminine spirit into

rightful balance with the focused masculine spirit. 

Envisaged Services

  • Hermitage for solo retreats

  • Healing Care for our souls and bodies and the Earth

  • Wisdom Circles 

  • Death and Dying mentoring and classes. 

  • Companion Soul Mentoring


The Land and Buildings

With the pandemic landing in our world we are now revisioning this aspect of the Sanctuary. There is also a shift to have small property in Ireland where the magic of the land is still living just below the surface of everyday life.

In Ireland the Stones and the Wells and the Trees carry Ancient Memories that are waiting to give birth once more in our world.

When travel resumes we would like to welcome people to come and be restored, to be healed by the fertile nature of the Emerald Isle, and to reawaken their own magical being.

If you would like to contribute to this venture in any way, then please do contact us here

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