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~Where Tradition meets Evolution~
~Where Earth meets Sky~

The Sanctuary Of Sophia

A Center For The Awakened Feminine

We invite you to learn about our mission 
and how you may assist and become a member…


Our souls desire intimacy, to belong, to create and contribute, to be cherished, to be present in soul and body - this is community.

Our Soul Purpose & Mission

To provide a place where the sacredness of life may be known through connection with the Divine Feminine Presence of Wisdom-Sophia. To be a sacred container for spiritual practices, rituals, and death and dying trainings. To offer sacred space for retreats of solace and solitude; for a working and prayerful communion with the Earth and eco-sustainability; and for the expression and teaching of the Sacred Arts.

Our Vision

To restore our souls and bodies to the natural harmony and divine flow of life.

To provide a place to heal and restore the compassionate inclusive feminine spirit into

rightful balance with the focused masculine spirit. 

Envisaged Services

  • Teresa of Avila Hermitage for solo retreats.

  • Healing Rituals for the Earth and our souls and bodies.

  • Wisdom Circles 

  • Death and Dying mentoring and classes. 

  • Creative arts studio.

  • Kuan Yin Healing center 

  • Elder and Youth Companion Mentoring

The Land and Buildings

We envision working with Geoship, an innovative company who are producing geodesic domes designed with the fullest ecological advantages, hurricane and earthquake proof, flood and fire proof, mold resistant and insect proof, with passive heating and cooling. These domes will also require minimum maintenance. Tradition meets evolution through these visionary buildings with a decided feminine component. 


In their words, “Bioceramic geodesics maximize efficiency and eliminate construction waste. All conventional building materials are replaced with low energy ceramic composites and air. This is inclusive feminine technology. ” (See the image of the proposed domes)


We are currently listening for the property that will meet our physical and spiritual needs.

Distance Membership

We will be creating a membership for people from afar, where they can participate in our activities through live-streaming and receive special retreat discounts when visiting us. Coming soon!

Local Membership

Come and experience a Sacred Ritual uniting the Feminine and Masculine Energies, or join a Feminine Wisdom Circle, Beginning in January 2019. See Events page.

Resident Membership

For those wishing to participate fully in the living, loving, and creating in everyday life. Looking forward to this evolving creation to come.

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When you Join Us in our Evolutionary Reflections 

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"Deep waters are the counsel of the Feminine Heart, but She of understanding will draw them forth" - Revised Translation of Proverbs 20:5

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