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Walking with Brigid through

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The Wisdom of Magdalene & Brigid



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Coming Into The Belly

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May 2021
Returning to Our Earth Roots
South West Ireland
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Sacred Living Sacred Dying
South West Ireland

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 Ireland Pilgrimage 2021 
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Soulful Thoughts From Ireland

20 Series Podcast with Meghan

Beidh réidh gach aimréidh 

All that is tangled will be unravelled

- Brigid’s Well in County Clare

Meghan was called to Ireland, back to the land of her ancestors, and is taking us on a sacred journey through her everyday encounters as she sinks deeply into the Irish land and sea. Weaving in reflections on our current world situation, and bringing forth the grounded Irish Wisdom, Meghan  will bring forth uplifting and thoughtful stories in these difficult times.

The Twentieth Podcast: 

Samhain: The Feast of Death and Dying

In this Podcast Meghan speaks on:

~ Burying a lamb

~ Celtic death lore

~ The real eternal life

~ How we hide from death

Looking forward to journeying with you!

Welcome Home

To Your Evolutionary Nature: Soul & Body

How many historic feminine movements and moments have women lived through?

How many more until we can believe, know, and live our wisdom and tender strength unhindered, no longer sabotaged by self or others, but standing in our true nature with a dignity worthy of who we are?


And who are we? We are all souls born of the Mother and we all die and return to the Mother.

There is a beautiful Buddhist prayer that is in preparation for death, and the last line says, “Returning like a child to its Mother.” It is our time to Return. To Return to Life. And often that requires many mystical deaths along the way, but what liberation is given!

As Magdalene and Yeshua knew well, we are here to live an abundant life in every possible way. What could be more abundant than embodying your own nature and life, which your soul has for so very long desired and intended.

Through the ages the women mystics have kept the flame of love alive for us, but now it is our turn to carry that love-flame, igniting our soul and life commitment, and drawing us into the deep well of wisdom and community.

“The Master said: There are many who stand round the well, but no one to go down it.”
The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 74.

I invite you down into the well. Into the Feminine Waters where life awaits to uniquely arise through you. I invite you to know your multi-dimensional feminine nature, playing equally in the Heavens as on the Earth; to know the Wisdom of Mind, Body, and Heart, and align all through your voice of inherent and natural power; and to join together as One Voice, One Heart in many ways of Community. This invitation comes in the form of Evolutionary Tradition, that is, honoring all of the religious/spiritual wisdom of old, but opening to new forms of spirituality that our souls and bodies are thirsting for. Come and explore feminine wisdom teachings, chant, dance, sacred ceremony, sit in repose, and love actively.

This is what I do, this is who I am. I welcome you to join me!

Working With Meghan

Drawing on the many Faces and archetypal energies of the Divine Feminine, and women mystic leaders, Meghan will skillfully lead you into the interior of your soul where you will encounter your own unified Divine and Human Feminine Nature. Compassion, humor, and deep insight, along with mystical prayer and chant that touches your very soul, are what Meghan employs to uncover the reality of your true nature. Taking you deep into the spaciousness and peaceful calm of your soul, there is a returning to a long-known sense of the ground of self and your ever evolving consciousness. There is a regathering of your soul from its exile drawing your natural wisdom-self back into the world for the good of all. 

Meghan also offers Sound Healing Exploration, traveling deep within to the body wisdom. Suitable for anyone wanting to enter into greater self-expression and freedom of the voice, whether it be for your personal or professional life .


“He has prepared us for this. He is calling upon us to become fully human"

Gospel of Mary Magdalene


“Meghan Don is THE VOICE when it comes to how we as humans can integrate the feminine aspect in our lives. -Lars Muhl, Best Selling Author of The O Manuscript and The Law of Light


 “As a mentor, Meghan is truly a master – combining deep mystical knowledge and experience with warmth and a joyful, playful sense of humor that can open doors to transformation and new dimensions for you if you are willing and committed. She offers all from her embodied wisdom.”  ~ sara, artist

The New Divine Feminine

Experience an evolutionary journey with this profound and practical guide to embracing the archetypal truths of sacred womanhood. Bringing forward feminine wisdom teachings, Meghan Don shows you how to work with the Seven Faces of the Divine Feminine: the light and dark aspects of the multi-dimensional Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother, opening the way to one’s true enlightened nature.

Using reflections, prayers, meditations, and sacred chants, The New Divine Feminine helps heal your soul, find liberation, and trust your inner voice and vision. No matter your spiritual beliefs, you can access each divine face and gain empowerment from this guide’s exploration of powerful, sacred women, including Mary Magdalene, Lilith, the Black Madonna, and Teresa of Avila. 


"In this wise and deeply nuanced book, beloved spiritual guide Meghan Don masterfully walks us through the light and the darkness of the Holy into the arms of the Divine Feminine and home to our own true selves, where we are emboldened to step up as a force of healing and hope in the world."

- Mirabai Starr, Author of The Caravan of No Despair and God of Love 


“This may well be the best book written on the Divine Feminine. It is not only a book ‘about’ spiritual evolution, it is immediate, inwardly felt. These alive words awaken truths already present but covered over for centuries . . . This is a book of waking up, of becoming our nature. A book every man needs to read!”— Robert Sardello, Ph.D, author of Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness and Heartfulness


“I’m slowly reading and absorbing the energies [of The New Divine Feminine] and it’s helping me tune into the deepest lost parts of my soul. Thank you for telling Her story, your story, my story, our sacred story. The energy you transmit through the prayers, chants and meditations is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

- Danielle, PA 

The Sanctuary of Sophia

Our souls desire intimacy, to belong, to contribute, to be cherished, to be present in soul and body - this is community. The latest divine direction is “to bring the women home,” which is leading our Circle to a very big adventure of creating “The Sanctuary of Sophia: A Center for the Awakened Feminine. This will be a Sanctuary for all people to return to the natural divine flow and harmony within their being and with their environment through connection with the Divine Feminine Presence of Sophia-Wisdom. It will provide opportunity for the healing and transformation of the feminine nature, and to restore the balance and union of Heaven and Earth and the feminine and the masculine energies. Drawing upon the wisdom of all traditions, we will leave behind the ways that are no longer useful for our evolutionary consciousness, and we will move towards an ever developing spirituality.


If you are interested in knowing more, becoming a member, or wish to participate in any way please read on

Death & Dying Guide

There are very few people in the West who know how to assist souls with their onward journey through death and into the life of a greater consciousness that awaits them. I am frequently asked by people what they can do to help their loved one make their transition, and a phrase I hear again and again is, “I don’t know what to do.” This is in fact what I uttered myself when my own mother was dying, however, it turned out that I knew exactly what to do, and this natural ability has been enhanced by deeper study and practical application.


We have wonderful helpers who can be with our loved ones up until they die, often with the emphasis on creating physical well-being, but what of their spirit, and what happens once they leave the body? 


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"Deep waters are the counsel of the Feminine Heart, but She of understanding will draw them forth" - Revised Translation of Proverbs 20:5

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