“On retreat we laugh, pray, cry, receive and give blessings. We relearn how to play and give thanks.  Meghan’s deep connection and love for the Divine Mother has helped me find my courage; opening my heart to the Divine Feminine.  With each retreat my passions increase as my fears subside. I am so grateful for Meghan’s commitment to this sacred path and her willingness to guide others.”
- Karen Sarah Mack, ME 
The Wisdom Way 
With Mary Magdalene
21 Aspects of Sophia

In this online program we gather together on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, studying one aspect of Wisdom per month, seeking its embodiment in our everyday lives. Some of these aspects include: Active Kindness, Unhindered, Lucid, Unique, Subtle, Steadfast, A Spirit Unharmed, Unperturbed, All-Surveying. All are invited to actively participate and bring forth their own unique expression of these aspects. 

Sophia is the Fountain of Wisdom. Magdalene became the human embodiment of this ever-flowing Sophia energy. Now, it is our turn to embody The Wisdom Way!

Next Program beginning January 2020

We will be taking applications in November 2019. 


"Exploring the many dimensions of the Mother with Meghan Don on Live Zoom calls is a deep awakening. I love being in a Circle of women, where the power of studying in a group deepens my integrity and activates my power. This process enhances my life through more conscious choices, expands my responses and consequences, and the somatic daily prayers, chants and journaling expand my vitality." Deborah Cautela, ME

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"Deep waters are the counsel of the Feminine Heart, but She of understanding will draw them forth" - Revised Translation of Proverbs 20:5

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