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Ancient Memory

"An ancient memory and future responsibility were placed

deep within you before coming into this world."

- Author Unknown

While out wandering on the nearby ocean cliffs I stumbled upon this wonderful standing stone pictured above. It was a deeply moving moment as I had no idea it was there - no signs, no guidebook entry - yet here it was standing regally in its element of land, mountains, and sea.

I approached with respect and gently placed my body upon its body, giving my greetings and gratitude for its unknown presence. In a short time it revealed itself to me, saying, “I am Ancient Memory,” and spun me off into a cosmic journey with the vastness of the cosmos almost being overwhelming, but Ancient Memory was right there with me, reminding me that I am also this cosmos, and therefore how can I fear myself?

What ancient memories lie within us? And how can we access these to help us during these times? As many countries are coming out of lockdown fear and division are rife. Some are for the return of life and their livelihood, and some are against, fearing the consequences.

Our world and bodies have always been hosts to viruses and many other potentially dangerous things, yet now and in the future, we will be experiencing these in a more frequent and heightened way. Earthquakes and floods, famine and homelessness have always been with us, and again we are, and will continue, to experience these in a more threatening and prolific way. Everything in our world is heightened, both personally and collectively.

Ancient memory is reminding us of our responsibility. And what are we responsible for? This is a deeply personal question that each of us must answer in our own way.

Many have a negative charge around the word responsibility, yet if we look at the etymology of the word, it means “offering in return”.

What are we offering in return for the very sacredness of this life that we have been given?

Will we offer fear? Or will we offer a deeper memory of who we are?

And so, the human journey continues. I continue to be grateful for being able to journey onwards in Ireland, remembering that the vast cosmos and I are the one vastness, and remembering my human neighbor and I are the one humanity, no matter what may seek to divide us.

For those who haven’t heard the latest Podcasts, you may enjoy listening to The Sídhe: The Fairy Folk of Ireland and offerings made in that dimensional reality.

And, Mists of Fear and Lakes of Love, where I speak on the Air Demons of Fear swilling around us, and also the Swan Songs of Love.

Together with a wonderful, vibrant community we have been exploring our Steadfast Nature and finding out how to live into that in this time. We have extended the class into June as we are enjoying each other so much! Please join us. You can listen to the previous 2 sessions in your own time and join us on Friday 5th for the next class and to celebrate the Full Moon, or listen to the recording later. Please email me at: RevMeghan@MeghanDon.Life if you would like to participate. (This class is only available as the full 3 sessions).

I pray that Goodness of Health in Body and Mind and Heart are with you All

And that the Ancient Memory of Human Potentiality Be Remembered

Sweet Blessings from the Green Isle,


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