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Reflections on the Gap of Consciousness

Many years ago I did a lot of work and training with Sound, the Breath, & Movement. We were exploring the inter-relationship between body, sound, and soul and how emotions deeply felt and sounded could be a rich transformative experience, along with opening into greater spiritual dimensions.

I was taught the breath we are focusing on this month - the death breath or the gap breath - breathing into that gap of consciousness that lies waiting for us. I took up the discipline of this breathing practice every morning as I awoke and every evening as I went to sleep. It opened many portals for me.

Once, after doing some yoga and lying in shivasana - the healing repose at the end - I naturally began this particular breathing practice. Without any warning or noticeable shift I suddenly found myself in another place and time. I looked to my left and there was Yeshua (Jesus) and he was extending his arms and hands in front of him and he was stopping these, what I can only describe, as balls of fire going any further. I looked ahead of me and coming towards me were the same balls of fire. So, like Yeshua, I extended my arms and hands and also stopped these “fire-balls.” There was intense focus and concentration, and yet, at the same time, it was very easy.

After a while I was able to extend my vision, and I realized what was happening, and where I was. There were soldiers in front of me firing with guns towards women and children who were running away behind me. The “balls of fire” I realized were bullets.

I was in Yeshua’s homeland in modern-day times.

Then I found myself back on the floor in my home.

This is a deep experience that has always stayed with me. So many strands of learning.

~ Learning the value of discipline with our practice, and the ability to persevere, with no other reason than simply being aware and present

~ Opening to other dimensional realities intersecting with our small reality

~ Knowing our practice ultimately brings us into deep compassion and action for others in so many different ways.

~ No judgement of events unfolding, but simply doing what is required

I wish you happy explorations into some of these learnings!

alternate realities with expanded vision

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