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Rhythms of Support

We all need rhythm in our life and our days. Especially in these times with little structure, we need to ensure that our inner and outer world is receiving the proper nourishment it needs. It is also a time of deep inner healing as more spaciousness allows for even deeper roots to become uprooted. Let us not fill up every moment of the day! 

I am finding Magdalene to be the great Shamanic healer at this time for me, along with the natural rhythms of the Earth and her creatures. 

I invite all to join with me on May 9 & 23 as we venture into exploring what allows us to stand fast in difficult times. 

We will enter into Healing Sounds, find our body rhythm and healing, explore mystic and monastic rhythm, open to the Shamanic healing of Magdalene and Yeshua, and their feminine and masculine steadfastness. Let us support each other through living into our own steadfast nature.

You may also want to join in the Celtic Beltaine Ritual today. Register Here:

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