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The Generosity of Life

My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life

- John 10:10

The above quote is a slightly different translation than what we normally read where Yeshua speaks about having an abundant life. Is it not the purpose of each one of us to ensure that we have a rich and satisfying life?

As our world moves and shifts and groans (and sometimes howls) with its growing pains, how do we go about ensuring this richness and satisfaction? As we are at the time of balance, the spring Equinox, it seems a good time to pause and consider where we may be out of balance. It is also a good time to look back at how life has been generous to us. So often we forget this when things become more difficult, and looking out we see bleakness rather than generosity.

Here are some questions for us all at the moment. Do you trust life? Do you trust that life is generous, even in the lean times? Some of us are more inclined to expect positive outcomes and so they arise, while others of us lean towards the negative outcomes and so too they arise. And then life seems to have its whimsical way with us all and we have a mixture of both.

In this time of Equinox balance can we meet these two in the middle and simply be neutrally open to whatever outcome may arise, and know that it will lead us to the next place of richness, whatever it may be and however it may present itself to us. Trust is certainly needed for this.

Perhaps this is a good time to find an affirmation to help the mind clear and shift a few degrees. That is all it takes. I trust in the goodness and generosity of life. I open to the richness of my life. Play with the words and find your own way to help take you into deeper satisfaction.

I wonder what thoughts were moving through Yeshua’s mind as he walked his life path - so many obstacles, so much opposition, so much inner and bodily pain. And, so much joy, infinite freedom, and soul evolution.

On Saturday April 3rd we will be meeting Yeshua in the womb-tomb. A preview if you like, of the next day of his resurrected birthing. We will be contemplating the Generosity of Life, the Eternal Life generously flowing through us in every moment, and the Wisdom of the Oak Tree. See details below:

When: Saturday April 3rd

Time: 2.00-3.30pmET

I wish you a rich and satisfying life

in all of the small and grand ways

that it appears


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