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A Magical New Year's Day

ON NEW YEAR'S DAY I put on a new dress, went on a new walk at a new beach. A friend told me where to park and to walk left along the beach and over a track, however when I arrived I felt to walk right and look what I found - a little bit of Ireland in New Zealand.

First I saw the "portal" between the cliffs by the shore and once I got closer I saw they were carved with spirals and other shapes. I stood in the portal and did my daily practice of chanting the divine names and calling in the Archangels of the Tree of Life. I prayed for humanity and its moving ever forward into the gateway/portal of who we are born to be.

I then walked over the cliffs, through the bush and onto more amazing cliffs and a circular blowhole that I was looking down into. I was given to understand this was the place of the "wahine" the women, and where they would come to sing their "waiata" - their songs & prayers. And there at the blowhole were 5 young Maori women, all mesmerized by the blowhole. Their male companions were off scouting the cliffs and looking to the horizons.

When they left I came down to the blowhole where they were sitting and what I experienced was powerful and amazing - the rock formation of the actual blowhole was that of the yoni and spray and water would flow through there with the rhythmic force of the incoming waves, sometimes gentle, sometimes loud and strong. It was like experiencing the ecstasy of the Earth and Sea Herself. I prayed for all the wahine of this land that they may return to their roots and waiata and inner ecstasy.

May we all return to our inner song and ecstasy - and even when our friend guides us to go left and we feel to go right - follow your inner feeling to discover the magic just for you.


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