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Ancestral Healing

Let nothing disturb you Let nothing frighten you Everything passes... - Teresa of Avila

I have recently returned to the Beara Peninsula after spending 6 wonderful weeks up in County Sligo staying at a hermitage cabin. The landscape of Sligo has a special light and softness to it, and is alive with feminine mythology. It is known as the Land of Wisdom. I was sad to leave as I felt a deep resonance with the land. Here is a Podcast on my visiting Queen Maeve's Cairn in Sligo. A strong and wise woman leader, who strove for negotiation rather than force. There are also a few fairy folk stories.

While in Sligo I also made a journey to County Derry, where my Great, Great Grandmother was born. The deepest, most emotional journey I have taken. I entered into Ancestral Healing, which our planet so direly needs, synchronicities, and experienced profound earthly and spiritual roots. If you wish to hear a little more about this please see the Podcast here: 

And now, I am walking into the Unknown. Once again. I am back in my original cottage where I first stayed upon my arrival in Ireland. My return flight to the US is Sept.14, but everything is saying it is not the time to return, and the town of Bantry (an hour away) is calling to me for some Unknown reason. I feel it may be a place of transition, and so my enquiries begin to seek the next place which will hold and nurture me as I have been so deeply nurtured and held every step of the way. As the above Podcast talks about, “My Ancestors have my back.” A very Irish turn of phrase.

The whole world is walking in the Unknown, and we may fall into fear and anxiousness around this, or we may feel it as an opportunity to enter into the Mystic Way of Being. In October I will be offering an online course, Living Into The Mystic Unknown. We will learn how to expect Miracles and Flow, enter into the trait of Teresa of Avila of being Unperturbed, and live from our Dependable Nature. The Wisdom of Magdalene & Yeshua and the Wisdom/Sophia teachings will also be explored. See more here:

Private Sessions: I am opening up new places to help those in need. This can include Ancestral Healing, Deep Soul Healing, Mentoring, and Sound Healing. Please Note: Those in Australia and New Zealand pay in your own currency to make it affordable. This is for private sessions only. More info here: Please scroll down for complete info.

As I write this, the sun has just set, and the sky is filled with colors of pink, orange, and blue with purple clouds and mountains. The sea is calm and is reflecting this same purple. The season of Fall is close. It is a time of purple. The mountains are covered with heather blooming in purple, I am collecting clover for tea and picking blueberries on the road-side. 

It is also a time of red. Hawthorn and Rowan trees are revealing their red berries. It does not seem so long ago that the white blossom of the Hawthorn was blooming for Bealtaine in May.

And so the seasons turn, around and around, and we with them. 

I pray wherever you find yourself, and whatever colors are around you, that you will allow yourself to be nurtured by the simple moments in life, and that the Mystic will draw you into the Miraculous flow of life in and through you.

May All That Is Tangled Be Unravelled Meghan

Latest Podcast: The Portal of Sound

Self Study Online: Coming Into Your Steadfast Nature: The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine: More offerings here:

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