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Dissolving and Arising

Recently I was in conversation with someone who was speaking very aggressively both with their words and body language. No matter how I attempted to pacify this person it was to no avail as their tone and loudness allowed no room for real conversation or listening.

It brought great sadness to my heart as it was obvious the pain and/or protective mode this person was in, and even more so, as they were not open to any kind of inquiry as to the reason for their aggressiveness and behavior.

In the end I simply assured them of my love.

Upon reflection of this experience I went deep within and through that deepening I saw layer upon layer upon layer of old trauma simply fall away. I was not even aware of what the trauma was, it simply was shed like an old garment and dissolved back into its true nature. I also felt the residue of my own subtle aggression dissolve, and with this dissolution arose the most beautiful golden sun from deep within my being, radiating in a quiet and peaceful glory. Here was the truth of my being revealing itself, without need for protection, without need to change the other, but simply shining in its glory. Here was Wisdom Herself arising from within the dissolving.

How may we dissolve back into our original nature when placed in a confrontational situation? How may we allow every experience to be the pathway of return? How may we assure others and ourselves of our love?

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