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Feminine Courage

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

It has been busy times behind the scenes here. Feminine Courage is available in paperback and as an e-book. Please Note: This is the same book as The New Divine Feminine, but now with a new name and cover. Available here My Sacred Request: For those who have read The New Divine Feminine book I gratefully ask if you could write a few lines as an Amazon review. This will help new readers immensely, and also to spread the word. Remember it is the same book and content, just a different title and cover, so your reviews are most applicable. Please leave a review here (Scroll all the way down and look on left-hand side) If you haven't read the book, please consider purchasing it as a gift for yourself, your daughter, son, sister, friend, brother. Both women and men gain much from the words within. And I would also value your support. I am most grateful if you can take the time to leave a review here (Scroll all the way down and look on left-hand side). Without reviews, readers tend to keep on shopping :-)

Upcoming Virtual Meditation Pilgrimage:

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was journeying to Glendalough. What a magical visit it was! So magical that the 3 meditations I had planned have turned into a greater journey and Pilgrimage. I am still working on the final technical details. It will be ready soon and is a rich journey, complete with music, videos, meditations, poems, prayers, photos, Irish language mantras, and more. I know many of you want to travel here, so instead, I bring the magic of Ireland to you. I will let you know as soon as it is ready. It turned into one of those much bigger projects than what was expected, but I am sure that you will enjoy it immensely.

Upcoming Podcast: This coming Thursday "Under the shelter of each other, the people survive" - Old Irish Saying

Many of the older Irish sayings are being lost as they fall into the soil with the elderly people who are making their death journey back to the Earth. Here is one saying that I found and resonated deeply with. It seems especially relevant to the times we are in. Do we know what it means to be sheltered, beyond the walls of our home? There will be interviews with local folks coming up in future Podcasts also. To listen on my website click here (scroll down a little way on the home page) Also available on all the Podcast subscription platforms. Virtual Private Retreats: From September onwards I am now offering virtual private retreats. Needing extra support? Wanting to realign with your soul and life? Needing sacred time out? Please see here (scroll down once you click on link) Private Mentoring: From September onwards For those wanting to take their inner and outer journey to the next level. This is not talk therapy (even though you will be compassionately heard) but focuses on soul transmissions to take a leap in consciousness. See info here That's all for now. Next newsletter I will send some of my poetry that has started pouring through my soul, especially while at Glendalough.

Slán go fóill

Bye for now


Self Study Online Living Into The Unknown: Coming Into Your Steadfast Nature:

The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine: More offerings here:

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