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Forgiveness & Resurrecting Love

"...forgive them; for they know not what they do" - Luke 23:34 "Forgive them; even when they know what they do" - Meghan Don

As I have been walking toward this sacred time of resurrecting love and life on this Earth, the power of forgiveness is walking right beside me, and oftentimes ahead of me, showing me the way. For thousands of years, humanity has struggled with forgiving their neighbor acting in ignorance, yet now I feel we are being asked to up the human game by forgiving even when full consciousness and awareness are at play. How do we do this? To start, forgiveness does not mean you become a powerless victim. Forgiveness gives you a clean and clear heart. And a clean and clear heart gives you power. You are then asked to use this power wisely to affect outcomes for the good of humanity. Each of you will need to decide what actions are required. But first, forgive. Then continue walking towards your own, and the world's resurrection into love. This is my Easter prayer for you all. May we all be blessed into resurrected love. AN INVITATION: SOPHIA WISDOM TREE

I have been waiting for many years to share this teaching with you all. It is my own personal daily practice of the Sophia Wisdom Tree of Life, grounded in Jewish and Early Christian mystical wisdom, yet accessible for all or any tradition or no tradition at all. It is a practice initiating the Anthropos, the fully human being, within you.

The fullness of our human nature is needed right now in order to navigate the stormy waters that we are being asked to live in - either surrounding us or within - or both.

Essentially, this practice is drawing from within you the divine attributes that humanity has been blessed with. Each day they teach and expand your being and prepare you for what life is going to deliver at the doorstep of your soul. And as you know, in these times that could mean anything at all! “…he has prepared us for this. He is calling upon us to become fully human [Anthropos]” - The Gospel of Mary Magdalene WE BEGIN MAY 4: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EMBODIED TEACHING CLICK HERE ALL SESSIONS RECORDED

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