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Full Moon Prayer

PRAYER: Come into the fullness of your body, being fully aware, present, awake, here now on this earth, at this time, in your body----not lifting off, not escaping, not drifting off, being firmly present in your body, open to the glory of who you are and who you are becoming, open to the goodness of your being. If you are not present you will not know your goodness. On this full moon night, this auspicious night, we bring forth the intention of the unification of our holy soul and of our body and being in this world. No more separation between small self and holy self, but the two coming together as one----your holy soul fully embodying your body and you fully embodying your body and holy soul. The Red Maiden cutting away all of that which hinders this unification, pouring her blessing upon you to restore you to your right wisdom, to restore you to your true elegance, in the feminine form upon this earth, restoring your feminine intelligence in its entirety, restoring your initiative, restoring your wakefulness, presence and awareness. We ask you Na’ahmah, we ask you Red Maiden to journey with us for these intentions----to plant the seed this night. And we will do all within our power, all within our heart power, all within our grounded heart power to bring this into being. We bring our willingness. We bring

our heart of goodness and open to you. Amen and Amen. Meghan Don.

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