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Magdalene's Anointing of the Chakras

A new rendition of Magdalene's Interior Stars (chakras) being activated (or the 7 demons being transformed)

Magdalene sat across from Yeshua. The flames of the newly lit fire were beginning to slowly dance. She gazed into the fire as he had taught her, letting thoughts dissolve into the flames and letting the mind come into its vastness. As she deepened into this awareness, Magdalene became acutely aware of Yeshua watching her. She turned to him, and gazing into his eyes, she began to see rays of colors shooting in all directions. Previously, she had seen the fire of the spirit alive in his eyes, but never these colors before. She remained steadfast in the gazing, and as she did these colors began to come towards her.

First, a brilliant red shot out from Yeshua and penetrated her very Root Star. Instantly she felt a depth of grounding in her body, rooting her into the Earth. Every fiber of her being came alive in the Earth, as the Earth. She felt so deeply present in her body, and yet what also began to arise was the feeling of deep fear and protection toward her womanly body. The red color swirled through her and wiped this fear clean, and she felt a new pride arise in her body. She stood firmly in her being. The self-protection was no longer needed.

Then an orange color came and entered her womb. It was as if the very creation process itself came to inhabit her. And it was amorous and full of life and sensuality. It flowed like a river. Old shame of her sexuality that had been placed on her and all women was in that moment set free. The creative impulse of life itself surged through her and her Navel Star.

A yellow-golden light was next, swirling around her Solar Plexus Star. And here Magdalene experienced a type of spiritual explosion as she was jettisoned far beyond her self. In this light she was shown that she was here for much more than just her own life. She was here for others, and she saw that the true power was through offering her life for the Good of All. She then saw and experienced all of her insecurities and self-doubt about being a woman dissolve in this light. Freedom and power were one in this understanding.

Magdalene felt her energy rise to her heart, with a beautiful emerald green expanding her Heart Star in all directions. It knew no bounds or boundaries, it did not judge or exclude. Compassion was born in her. And then image upon image arose in her heart, all of the times she had experienced hurt and betrayal, all of the times she had been dismissed and abused in many forms because she was a woman. She felt the pain of them all, but then Forgiveness birthed from within the green light and her heart became cleansed and freed.

And then another birthing began to happen, the realization about the truth of love between her and Yeshua, the love of Sacred Companion, the love of Sacred Union. She felt at home in her heart for the first time.

Rising to her Throat Star a sky-like blue caressed every side of her neck and throat, and as it did Magdalene felt a stirring, a deep stirring, a deep releasing, and sounds began to emit from her, almost like ancient wounded animal sounds, and they rose and rose until she was wailing with the pain of womanhood, of every woman who had ever lived and ever will. The sound of the Cosmic and Earthly Sophia maligned. Her tears cascaded down into the fire, and the whole of the cosmos was silent. As the wailing subsided her voice rose in a new way. It was riding on the swirling blue ray of light, and it was clear, strong, and true.

The colors kept flashing forth. Now a deep violet, directly entering Magdalene's Brow Star and coming deep within her mind. Thought after thought after thought raced through her mind, but then they began to slow down, and eventually there was silence, nothing, only space. A space that was alive yet very, very still. Magdalene experienced her mind anew as it expanded into what seemed like an infinite spaciousness. Nothing to be thought. Nothing wanted. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. A place of sheer rest and relief! After some time sitting in this nothingness a vision began to arise. It was Yeshua right in her mind sharing all of his wisdom and opening her to the vision of her own wisdom. It was a wisdom like no other. It was a visionary wisdom bringing forth energies yet to be. It truly was mind-blowing!

And finally, Magdalene’s Crown Star was opened and the most ephemeral amethyst-white crystalline color swirled towards her and alighted on her crown. Here there are no words. Here was the Cosmic Sophia revealing herself, lighting up all of Magdalene’s Stars, igniting every cell in her body. She rose and began to dance around the fire. The colors of all of the Stars began to ray out in all directions from her body. She was as a swirling rainbow dancing in the night, lighting up the Earth and the night sky and beyond.

And now Magdalene turns to you. And she invites you to this journey of your Interior Stars.

What will you say?

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