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Matariki & The Divine Mother

Hello Everyone, And so the United States deepens its divide with the recent Supreme Court ruling. Here in New Zealand, we are forging ahead with the attempt at unity. We are celebrating Matariki. The first Maori sacred tradition to be honored through a national public holiday. It is the traditional Maori New Year with the return of the star cluster Matariki (Maori), Pleiades (Greek), Subaru (Japan), Makali'i (Hawaii), or the Seven Sisters. It is a time to honor the Ancestors and all those who have passed in the last year - they will now take their place in the ancestral stars - to watch over and protect us. It is also a time to honor the feminine, with the Maori stories telling of the Mother and her six daughters (instead of the seven sisters), tied to the fertility of the crops and new life to come. Essentially, a time of hope in the darkest nights. To give my own gift of hope in these times of darkness and as the feminine is still fighting for her life, please join me in the Divine Mother Meditation Series. BE EMBRACED IN YOUR GRIEF OR FEAR. KNOW YOUR INNER CALM. BE NOURISHED. '"Love is the Divine Mother's arms; when those arms are spread, every Soul falls into them." - Hazrat Inayat Khan Learn More and Register Here

DIVINE MOTHER MEDITATION SERIES JULY 14 & 28/AUGUST 11 & 25 7.30pm-9pmET In this series you will:

~ Open to receive and absorb the calming nourishment that the Mother brings for you

~ Enter into a sacred chant to help calm and steady your mind

~ Be led on a guided meditation to deepen your own relationship with the Mother, in whatever form or way She speaks to you

~ Ask the Mother any questions that live within your heart

~ Share with others in the embrace of the Mother Let the Mother’s loving vibration flow through you to those who are deeply suffering on our Earth Learn More and Register Here

May We Know Unity No Matter Our Beliefs Meghan PS. For those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere, or those wanting to travel here, I will be presenting two workshops at the Death Matters Conference in Christchurch in September this year. Click Here to Learn More

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