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My Habitat

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air; drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each. Let them be your only diet, drink and botanical medicines. Be blown on by all the winds. Open all your pores and bathe in all the tides of nature, in all her streams and oceans, at all seasons.

Of thee, O earth, are my bone and sinew made: to thee O sun, am I brother(/sister). Here have I my habitat. I am of thee.

~ from Thoreau on Man & Nature, Henry David Thoreau


Come into your place of quiet, breathe deeply into the core of your body. Feel the soul and the body as one, and notice the strength you feel through this union. Allow any circumstances in which you feel a disconnection from one or the other to arise. Let your inner guiding presence join whatever separation has occurred. Bring this essence of union into your life.

~ from Meditations with Teresa of Avila, Meghan Don, p 125


Online & The Sanctuary of Sophia: Dying & Resurrecting with Mary Magdalene: How to Die and How to Fully Live

November 6 & 20

"Let me show you how to die and how to resurrect." The invitation by Mary Magdalene. In learning to prepare for our death we learn how to live more fully in life. An introduction to befriending our death and our life!

Online & The Sanctuary of Sophia: Birthing Your Christ Essence with Mary Magdalene

December 4 & 18

Prepare for this time of birthing your own Christ light, of being and action, into and through the darkness with Mary Magdalene as our guide.

Online & The Sanctuary of Sophia: The Magdalena-Sophia Pathway: 21 Aspects of Wisdom

Beginning in January 2020: First & Third Tuesday of the month, Online, Recorded, In-Person: Ignite and Embody the 21 Aspects of Wisdom through body focused meditations. One Aspect studied each month for in-depth contemplation.

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