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New Year Wisdom


A Happy and Blessed New Year to All!

The paradoxical nature of humanity seems to be becoming more and more blatant. On the one hand there is this beauty of renewal as we continue journeying into our expansive and loving nature, and on the other hand, the deepest ignorance creating a shadowland in our world is proliferating. How do we walk with this in awareness and in love?

It is easy to walk with outrage that only shouts in the night with the echoes falling off the walls into a gutter of fear. It is easy to turn aside and busy ourselves with our own small world. But, where it is difficult is standing tall in our being of awareness, taking rightful action, and still remaining loving to all.

Right now our Earth and world is in dire need of wise, steadfast beings. With our climate crisis, our political and racial divisions, and increasing hate crimes, we need to be actively engaged in some form of loving action that is informed by a greater wisdom. And that greater wisdom lies in no other place than within.

How to stay unperturbed as we enter into our greater wisdom nature? How to remain calm enough that we can hear what is the most beneficial action or non-action. How to remain still enough to fathom the wisdom when our world is on fire?

Having spent 10 years living in Australia, right now, my heart is burning with loving pain, as I watch and listen to the stories of half a billion animals lives lost, people stranded on beaches, and leaders still denying the reality of the crisis. How can this be so? My heart cries out for Mother Earth, and yet, I still feel her love for us, for humanity. Yes, she rages, but she also rages with love. What can I do to help?

After contemplation on this question, I came forth with an even greater commitment to share the wisdom that has been shared with me. To help souls reach deep within to their own wisdom being, for this is the only way that we can live together in a sane and uplifting way.

So, in this New Year I call forth the wisdom within each one of you.

I invite you to join me in New Year offerings for this very journey into Wisdom at The Sophia Institute, Charleston and through an Online Course beginning in February. The Sanctuary of Sophia is offering the Online Ritual on Sunday January 12th and “live” on Sunday January 19th at AnahataKingston in NY. See details on our Events page.

There are still 2 places left for each Ireland Pilgrimage in June and September. Are you ready to journey on the way of the pilgrim? There are some Scholarships available for those who may need financial assistance.

That is the great beauty of this Earth - so many pathways into the Wisdom of Love. and may you bloom this year like the rose opening to love…


Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its



we all remain



It Felt Love - By Hafiz

I look forward to seeing you in person on online.


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