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Nothingness ~ No-thingness

On this day of the full moon lunar eclipse, a reflection on nothingness. This eclipse is a balancing force for the new moon solar eclipse of 2 weeks ago.

Things are either devolving toward, or evolving from, nothingness. …And nothingness itself—instead of being empty space , as in the West—is alive with possibility. In metaphysical terms, wabi-sabi suggests that the universe is in constant motion toward or away from potential.

~Wabi-Sabi: for artists, designers, poets, & philosophers, by Leonard Koren

Remember, the mystic soul delights in the mystery, in the unknowing, not in its own small wisdoms. May we not wait for great random experiences but willingly cultivate our mother-ground of being, from where we will fall easily into the dissolution of our self and into our own great no-thingness. It is here that we come to know the union of our perfect mind and rest; this is the spiritual knowledge and experience that we all truly desire. May you cultivate your ground well. ~ The New Divine Feminine, Meghan Don, p 219

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