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Our Unique Body and Healing

As days and time and space stretch out in our lives, I am finding the increased spaciousness is allowing for some very deep healing. Buried deep within our unique bodies is all manner of old grief that is waiting to be cried.

One morning I woke up with my body in an awkward angle and when I rose from the bed I felt this twinge in my back. I rubbed in a Tiger Balm lineament and proceeded to do my daily Healing Qigong practices. Often any bodily twinges are taken care of in this way. Not this day, however, and over the next few days the pain increased, especially with certain bending postures. I could still take my daily walks, but any uneven or long step downwards had me yelping.

While out on a coastal walk I chose to sit on a rock and look out at the seals and the sea, and as I lowered my body the pain stabbed its way right into my heart. I could feel my natural reaction was to pull away from the pain and trying to block and resist it. My inner wisdom knew better, and instead I leaned into the pain, breathed into it, and asked Magdalene to help reveal what this was. Instantly, tears came, and this small voice cried out “My life matters!” Oh!

I then saw the brutality of my childhood where my father was more concerned at expressing his rage about being abused as a child and consequently abusing me. Not only was this physical and sexual, but also as a young girl I loved to dance. He dismissed it as a load of rubbish and made it increasingly difficult for me to take this up. My life did not matter on any scale of living.

Add to this, the completely patriarchal mind that understood the male work and recreation as important, but not that of the female, and so I was brought up going to watch “the boys” playing rugby every Saturday afternoon, but never were they encouraged to come and watch “the girls” play netball on Saturday mornings. Our sporting lives and achievements didn’t matter.

Magdalene’s grace was revealing all and her shamanic power completed the healing. The pain receded and was virtually non-existent. By the next morning not even a twinge remained.

How beautifully unique are these bodies. What is your body asking you to listen to? What information does it want to impart to you?

Ask Magdalene, Yeshua, the Mother, to guide you and all will be revealed and healed.

In our next class, Coming into Your Steadfast Nature, Magdalene’s shamanic nature will be some of what is explored. Here’s the link to sign up:

Here is the video where I speak about this next class and what we will be doing:

Hope you will be joining us!

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