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Owl Medicine ~ Crone Wisdom

Owl medicine teaches us to look into the darkest depths and to see and hear what others cannot. It teaches us courageousness in the face of what appears to be a force that has tried or is trying to destroy us and ferociousness in standing for the truth of our being and all beings… Crone Owl is masterful in seeking and devouring her target even when there is no moonlight , and so when we befriend her we can be assured that all that lies in the darkest of dark nights of our soul, waiting to be liberated, will be revealed. Rather than a fearful thing, let us celebrate the masterful ways of such a huntress, knowing that through these abilities our soul will know a greater freedom and expansion of light than we have ever known…. ~ The New Divine Feminine, Meghan Don, p 183

White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field

by Mary Oliver

Coming down

out of the freezing sky

with its depths of light,

like an angel,

or a Buddha with wings,

it was beautiful

and accurate,

striking the snow and whatever was there

with a force that left the imprint

of the tips of its wings—

five feet apart—and the grabbing

thrust of its feet,

and the indentation of what had been running

through the white valleys

of the snow—

and then it rose, gracefully,

and flew back to the frozen marshes,

to lurk there,

like a little lighthouse,

in the blue shadows—

so I thought:

maybe death

isn’t darkness, after all,

but so much light

wrapping itself around us—

as soft as feathers—

that we are instantly weary

of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes,

not without amazement,

and let ourselves be carried,

as through the translucence of mica,

to the river

that is without the least dapple or shadow—

that is nothing but light—scalding, aortal light—

in which we are washed and washed

out of our bones.


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