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Re-Defining Prayer

As old forms are decaying and dying it seems everything is needing to be redefined, nothing is immune, and that includes our spiritual and prayer life. Next month (May 6, 13, 20), I will be co-teaching a Prayer Intensive on Mary Magdalene with Janet Connor. Janet has had the soul calling to completely redefine prayer and to offer experiential prayer intensives.

Her redefined definition of prayer is as follows:

1. Love songs of your personal intimate sacred marriage with the divine

2. Sacred medicine that cherishes the body, embraces the heart and enchants the soul

3. Relationship with prayer itself, and with everyone who has ever prayed

4. A vibration of love

I love these definitions! The mystic in me revels in the intimate love songs. The shaman in me knows the sacred medicine that heals and embraces every part of my being. The multi-dimensional being that I am feels the connection across the ages. And the lover in me surrenders to the vibration of love.

What an alive, living presence this prayer is!

This Monday, I am making my way to a hill-top hermitage retreat in Arizona to begin my writing on Death & Dying. This I can also say, writing is prayer. It is prayer received and prayer given in openness and generosity. Please join me in opening to the generous nature of our ancestors and teachers who pave the way for new generations to take up old wisdom and make it new again.

And if you feel to send a visionary prayer, that is, seeing me being able to receive all that is mine to receive, then I would be grateful. And please join me in the spiritual ethers to receive what is yours to receive.

Creating sacred space is prayer. Let us create this together, each in our own way, joining all who have prayed, all who are praying, and all who will pray, opening the way for a re-formation, a re-defining, of what it means to pray. And if the calling is there, please join Janet and I next month. We would love for you to join us and the other pray-ers.

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