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Reflections on New Zealand Shooting

Growing up in New Zealand, I remember as a young child the whole country being in a state of horror when a murder was committed. It was considered a national tragedy and a deep foreboding energy blanketed every person and community. With the recent tragic shooting in Christchurch, I feel that same blanket of foreboding, covering not only the citizens of New Zealand, but citizens in every country.

As I entered into prayer for these souls who were so mercilessly taken I became aware of the different soul states that they are in. Some are completely bewildered and really cannot comprehend what happened, others are still re-living the fear at the point of death, and some are feeling a type of martyrdom as they hope their death will bring much needed changes in our world. They all need our prayers to help them with their transition as peacefully as possible. As do their families and communities.

Please join with me, through your own prayer action, or by entering into the prayers below. I thank you for taking some sacred time to help our sisters and brothers. May the Mercy of Allah-God-Sophia-Mother prevail in our world!

A Prayer For The Dying

Mother, into your Arms of Compassion I place all those

who have recently died in such violent ways

Bring The Angels of Comfort and Peace to their side

May their bewilderment be set free

May their fear be transformed

May the pain of persecution lie down in love

Be with your children Mother, as they make their death journey

May help be given to unwind and let go of their life with ease

May they forgive those who have caused them harm

May a deep and wide understanding fill their heart and consciousness

And may all else be let go into the purifying fire of Love

Mother of All,

Please fold these souls and their families into your loving heart

Let the Presence of Protection be with them

May all travel swiftly to their home of peace

I ask this for all souls passing at this time

I thank you Mother,

I thank you.

Prayer for Humanities Return

We pray for the return of those bound in hatred

Bound in others’ and their own destruction.

We pray for the goodness of choice

and will and desire to return,

For the raising of consciousness

from its dire place of willful destroying.

May we, the race of humanity

Remember its sovereignty

And act as royal souls

Serving the Absolute Goodness of All.

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