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~ Reflection by Linda ‘Tahara’ Cook

Resilience: the ability to withstand or adjust to challenges; the ability to recover

from or adjust easily to adversity or change. The ability of something to return to

its original self and shape after being compressed or deformed. (Webster's dictionary)

You have placed your truth in the inner being;

Therefore, teach me the wisdom of the heart.

Forgive all that binds me in fear that I might radiate love;

Cleanse me that your light might shine in me.

Fill me with gladness; help me to transform weakness into strength.

Look not on my past mistakes but on the aspirations of my heart.

~ Psalm 51, Nan C. Merrill

Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated, has remained with me long after I turned the

last page. Born to eccentric and survivalist parents in the mountains of Idaho, Tara grew up working in her father’s junk yard without any formal education until she was seventeen. This amazing memoir is the story of her journey of ultimately reclaiming her very soul. I have been in awe of this young woman’s strength and courage and I have come to understand resiliency as both our birthright and an innate gift that we must nurture.

I have felt bathed in inspiration as I witness resiliency all around me……in nature’s ability to restore itself, the human body’s ability to heal, and in the human heart’s ability to love and forgive.

I see resiliency in my neighbor, Margaret’s ability to keep her sense of humor while experiencing physical decline, in her husband, Fred’s faithful and gracious care of her. I experience resiliency in the physical and spiritual comfort emerging within my own marriage. I see a resurgence of energy and enthusiasm in our Unity church community as we move forward with our new minister. And I bow to those who continue to walk in integrity in our troubled world.

I have asked myself these questions and offer them to you for your reflection:

  • What does resiliency mean to me?

  • Where within my own soul do I find resiliency, and where in my life is this gift wanting/waiting to come forth?

  • How do I nurture the gift of resiliency within my spirit? Do I give thanks for this beautiful gift of the human spirit?

Amen and Amen

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