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Retreat Musings in Arizona

When a natural break in my writing occurred while on retreat in Arizona recently, I took a visit to Sedona. I had lived close to Sedona 20 years ago, and actually right in Sedona for some of that time. Towards the end of my time living there I had found it especially difficult to be so far from the ocean. One summer I drove out to California three times to visit my “mother,” the ocean. On the third visit, I realized I could no longer live in the desert land of Arizona. My words at the time, “No offense dear red rocks, but I have really had enough of you.” In hindsight perhaps I could have worded this slightly differently, however in their greatness I sensed they took no offense. They felt my soul as I felt theirs.

Now, returning after 20 years, and upon first sight of these majestic red rock formations, I drew my breath in, in absolute awe, and my first words were, “I bow down before you,” such was their majesty and beauty touching and overwhelming me. I chuckled as I pondered the vast difference between these last and first words. Same place, same characters at play (the red rocks and me), different time, and both responses were true.

As we move through life we can learn from our experiences, and there is also a time when a maturity of soul takes over and the past seemingly dissolves leaving only the freshness of the moment inviting or imploring our pure and full attention. We could be in a place with the same person, the same situation, and yet what is being asked for is an entirely different response. Can we pause in complete openness in that moment and trust what wants to come forth?

Let us accept the loving and unloving, the deeply emotional and the understanding of mind, the compassionate and not so compassionate, the fearful and the brave. All will be revealing where we are and where we are being invited to tend to. Naturally, the less loving responses need be felt and expressed in awareness (perhaps to ourselves first), and not projected onto another. Hopefully, like the red rocks, no offense will be taken when words are formed. And let us know that with complete acceptance on our part new life can come forth.

My retreat took me into some very deep soul territory, with healing and transformation arising. At one point, I felt like I had reached down into the very lining of my soul-stomach. I now return with a much deeper sense of my own natural power of being. I feel as though my soul is sitting in a loving transparent dwelling of crystalline rock, with every moment, every thought, every emotion, every action, rising and falling in its own rhythm. I share this sacred rhythm with you and invite you to your own.

May love lead the way

Sending All Love to Fathers - May their hearts soften and their feminine nature arise and be loved

Sending Full Moon & Summer Solstice Blessings

May the Full Light of the Feminine Moon and the Full Light of the Masculine Sun join together in Sacred Harmony


Upcoming Retreats:

Sept. 17-20 Initiating the 21 Aspects of Sophia, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY

Sept. 20-22 Emerging from the Womb-Tomb with Mary Magdalene, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY

Please Note: Space is very limited for September retreats. Book now if interested

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