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Returning To A Natural Rhythm of Harmony

All the tragedy in the world, in the individual and in the multitude, comes from lack of harmony. And harmony is best given by producing harmony in one’s own life. - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Usually at the beginning of each New Year I am filled with a renewed energy, a humming of joy resonating through my mind and body, and a desire to reach out to my neighbors and friends to spread the joyful energy around. This year was different. It was a lot more subdued, more introspective, and I was being asked to come into the depth of stillness and silence. I listened and followed.

On a solo walk on New Year’s Day the first creature I saw was the woodpecker. The first creature I see on the first day of the year has always been an omen for setting my personal energy of the year. The woodpecker represents rhythm and discrimination and will often appear to stimulate new rhythms in our lives. It particularly assists in finding our own unique rhythm and how to “fly” in the world.

When I stand objectively aside from the world as it is now, the pace of living and working seems to me as one long instant demand, and being outrageously out of harmony with the natural cycles of life. There is almost a frenzy being whipped up, even by those who are awakening/awakened, as we emerge from a stupor of having given our responsibility away to unworthy and even worthy leaders.

Humanity is ever the swinging pendulum, moving from one extreme energy to another, and right now we are swinging from inertia to action. This is good, however, even better will be when the pendulum finds a mid-way point of stillness, where stillness and action support one another, not over-ride one another.

Having moved to the Catskills, New York, I am enjoying the inner winter life, and along with finding my own woodpecker rhythm, I also feel to be a salmon swimming upstream. For those who are familiar with Celtic mythology the salmon represents wisdom, as it swallows the acorn of the Wise Oak Tree and spreads this wisdom around when it is reverently eaten. Today, I reach out to all and say, find your own unique rhythm and say no to someone else’s (though I would also say to check to make sure you are not resisting a new rhythm being asked of you). Find your own inner wisdom from the stillness and spread it around when action comes knocking on your inner door. Bring harmony back into your life. Harmony has been defined as the pleasant combination of different notes of music played at the same time. What different notes in your life can be brought together to bring sweet music/harmony into our world?

SOMETHING NEW: On February 10th I will be teaching a 90 minute class on the Tender and Fierce Feminine Nature. And on February 13th I will be teaching on Quan Yin and her 100 Wisdom Poems. You can join live

online via zoom, receive the recording if not able to join live, or come in person at Kingston or New Paltz, NY respectively. Learn more below.

Our world needs both Tender and Fierce and Wise human beings right now! Every month a different energy of the Divine Feminine will be entered into. Join one class or all.

Blessed Winter Dreams


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